Jammeh victims slam Obiang, vow to pursue justice


By Tabora Bojang

Following the recent announcement by President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea that he will protect former President Jammeh from extradition, The Gambia center for victims of human rights violations under president Jammeh has reacted with renewed vigour in their call for justice.

Sheriff Kijera, a prominent member of the center told The Standard yesterday that even though they are disappointed with Obiang’s stand, they are not surprise because Obiang and Jammeh are all dictators.
Kijera went on: “In fact Equatorial Guinea cannot defend Yahya Jammeh as they have ratified the 1984 UN convention against torture and other crimes against humanity which they must respect. We are ever more determined to pursue Jammeh to justice. We will not relent or give up that responsibility to pursue justice for all the victims that have been wronged by the former regime of Yahya Jammeh”.


Kijera said what is of genuine importance for the Centre is to prepare the grounds by gathering evidence as much as possible that can substantiate a fair trial and the observance of rule of law.
“Equatorial Guinea is a very small nation so with the help of international pressure I do not see why Obiang himself cannot be brought to his knees to deliver Jammeh to face justice.
“As a dictator himself, Obiang has no moral right to protect his fellow dictator from facing justice for his atrocities.”

He said Obiang’s recent announcement will in fact inspire rights activists to intensify the campaign for him to comply with international law to bring Jammeh to justice.
“So even though we are disappointed by Obiang’s statement, we not surprise and we are not discouraged. We know that when the time comes The Gambia, Ecowas and AU will all get the backing of other international players to get Jammeh to justice,” he concluded.

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