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‘Jammeh was not a loyal friend’

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By Baba Sillah

The former secretary general, Momodou Sabally has claimed that the exiled former president Yahya Jammeh was not a loyal friend as he would do anything he wished.
Mr Sabally said this yesterday when he reappeared before the Janneh Commission under cross-examination by Victoria Andrews, attorney for Muhammad Bazzi and Fadi Mazegi.
Mr Sabally however acknowledged that his former boss was encouraging investors into the country both local and foreign, outlining agriculture, energy and manufacturing as his vested areas of interest.
He said Jammeh had also built interest in correspondences from the investors.

Mr Sabally further told the inquiry that some of Jammeh’s investments were hidden while some were not, claiming that he was competing investors in the country.
He also acknowledged that power was centralised during Jammeh’s regime but as SG, he sometimes discouraged people from going to State House on certain issues.
On legal issues, he claimed that Jammeh would also make his decision and decide what exact charges should be preferred against accused persons when legal opinions are sent to him from the Ministry of Justice for advice or opinion.

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According to him, he would assess presumably that Jammeh had interest in both public and private sectors.
“All projects would not happen without the approval of Jammeh and I believe any legal opinion from the AG Chambers would be sent to the office of the president for approval,” Mr Sabally told the inquiry.
Next to reappear before the inquiry was businessman Amadou Samba, who also gave evidence on matters relating to Global Trading Group as well as Nawec and other investments.
Mr Samba dismissed suggestion that he had any vested interest in the company and was neither a shareholder.

According to him, there was nowhere in any minutes where it was stated that he represented Mr Bazzi at meetings, slamming the claims as “misrepresentation.”
However, he acknowledged that he used to accompany Mr Bazzi as a stranger in the country at the time.
“From the beginning I told Mr Bazzi and Mazegi that I have no interest in Nawec’s business and I asked them to count me out. I asked Mr Bazzi to give me indemnity because I have family. I want to make it clear to the commission today that some of the witnesses are using the commission to castigate people and some of the witnesses are prejudice,” Mr Samba concluded.
Sittings continue today.

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