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NCP explains reasons for Samusa sacking


By Tabora Bojang

The National Convention Party which last week announced the expulsion of its interim leader, Majanko Samusa, a nominated member of the national assembly, has now revealed why the decision was made.
Speaking to The Standard, the NCP deputy Secretary General, Yahya Nyangado, said the party had never wanted a push-and-pull with Samusa but since he has now proven to be defiant and fighting back, it is now important to make a public statement on why he was removed.

Samusa had said he is still the NCP leader and accused those behind his supposed removal as people who came from APRC, saying they have no powers to remove him.
However according to Nyangado, Majanko Samusa is more APRC than anyone in the NCP because everyone witnessed the many portfolios he held under the APRC and was even the head of the so-called 10, 000 men solidarity march against the December 30 coup attempt.

“Anyway we don’t want to waste our energy on that. All what we want to say is that Samusa had showed a total lack of interest in the NCP, by not attending meetings and not participating in any of the party’s election campaigns,” Nyangado said.
He further alleged that Samusa is today more UDP than NCP and was even discouraging official NCP candidates from running in one of the recent elections.
Nyangado, who showed a long list of NCP executive and ordinary members agreeing to the sacking of Samusa, said as far as the party is concerned, Samusa is now history and does not represent the party any more.

He added that the party’s new leader is Yaya Sanyang, a prominent citizen with vast experience in administration who worked for several local and international NGOs in leadership positions.
Nyangado said Samusa was part of the three NCP top brass who were offered portfolios as part of the coalition, him as nominated member, Lamin Dibba as minister and Jerreh Ba Jammeh, as deputy ambassador. He said both Dibba and Jammeh are still part of the party and have supported Samusa’s removal in the interest of the party.

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