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By Omar Bah

President Adama Barrow has said that former President Yahya Jammeh is gone and will never come back to The Gambia.
Addressing a meeting in Kerewan in the Baddibus, Barrow said: “I want to tell you that all the noise here and there about the former president is meaningless. Jammeh is finished, gone and will never come back to this country.”

The President also used the occasion to call on Gambians to avoid making unfounded assertions and unnecessary noise aimed at distracting people or government.
The Gambian leader said the country has opened a new page and nothing can stop it from moving towards its development aspirations. “No retreat, no surrender. My detractors will come to you and tell you President Barrow does not talk or is a president who is scared,

but I want to ask you whether all the talks in the past 22-years have benefitted Gambians.
“But those who are saying that, I believe have a low thinking capacity because this is the same Barrow who campaigned in three months and sent out the man (Yahya Jammeh) they said is a lion.”
He reminded the crowd that all the promises made by the former government to transform The Gambia into Dubai were empty promises.

“My government is action-orientated…We believe in actions and not talking and please if my detractors come here and tell you that I was here for politics, please tell them I said they should join me in Banjul so that together we can develop the country, because this is not the time for politics,” he stated.
He said when the time for politics comes and he starts talking, some people will leave the country.
He reassured the jubilant supporters that sooner or later the billion dalasis pledged during the donor conference will be felt by every Gambian, irrespective of political affiliation.

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