Jammeh’s guards celebrate Barrow’s victory in E. Guinea

Jammeh's guards celebrate Barrow's victory in E. Guinea


A video has emerged of some guards of former president Yahya Jammeh celebrating last Saturday’s victory of President Adama Barrow with a song and dance.

In the video, the guards and people believed to be their family members, could be seen singing, dancing and clapping to the refrain of “Vive Barrow! Vive Barrow!”.

The celebrations were led by Lt Col Wandifa Barrow, the loyal aide-de-camp who went into exile with Jammeh and has remained with him to date.


Also seen in the video was Major Amadou Joof, a personal protection officer to the former first lady, Staff Sgt LB Jammeh and Sgt Lamin Nyassi.

Sources close to the former president indicated that many of those living with him in his exile base, did not agree with his decision to part company with the APRC leadership under Fabakary Tombong Jatta and initially endorse Sheikh Tijan Hydara and later GDC’s Mamma Kandeh instead of NPP’s President Adama Barrow.

Jammeh had repeatedly addressed GDC campaign rallies through telephone and called Barrow an illegitimate president and even a donkey.

The video of the celebration by his guards of Barrow’s victory is a public confirmation of their disagreement with his position.

An APRC source told The Standard that plans are afoot to repatriate the guards and their dependents from Equatorial Guinea as soon as possible.