UDP councillor decamps to NPP

UDP councillor decamps to NPP


By Tabora Bojang

The UDP councillor for Dippa Kunda Ward has defected to President Barrow’s NPP barely a week after the president’s landslide election victory.

Momodou Drammeh who walked into the offices of The Standard yesterday, said he defected because he realised “NPP is the only party that can lead Gambia to the promised land.”


“I have no problems with my party [UDP] and they have given me all the chance to get elected for the position of a councillor but I have come to the realisation that the NPP is the only viable party that can lead this country to the direction that we want. This [NPP] is a God-chosen party. We all know how they came to power. Look at the leader himself [President Barrow] he came to power within three months. It is God’s decision and as Muslim I cannot go against God’s decision,” he explained.

“It is my own decision to join the NPP. No one convinced me or went to my home to convince me.  It is only last night that I decided to defect and I am not pressurised,” Drammeh said.

“On behalf of the people of Dippa Kunda I congratulate President Barrow on the victory and pray that Allah will provide him the wisdom to unite the people of this country and fortify our resolve to build a better Gambia that will promote peace, prosperity and welfare for it’s people especially the women and youths.”

The councillor said he is open to re-contesting the Dippa Kunda Ward election under an NPP ticket if selected.

“Let UDP supporters realise that I am not being ungrateful to them. I am human and each one of us reserves his own decision to choose where to go. My defection does not mean I am going out to come against UDP,” he added.