Jeshwang NAM tells electorate to be patient

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By Omar Bah

The National Assembly Member for Jeshwang Sheriff Sarr has expressed concern over reports of growing disgruntlement among his voters who accused him of ignoring them.

It has been reported that several supporters of the APRC lawmaker have expressed disappointment over his lack of care about their plights.


But speaking in a Star FM exclusive to be aired today, Honourable Sarr said: “I apologise to all those who feel offended because all those who know me will tell you I am a caring and respectful person. But my people should understand that I was elected to serve them at the National Assembly and when there are sessions, I do my level best to represent them well.”

He said apart from his contributions at the assembly he was lobbying projects for Ebotown and Jeshwang.

“I have already secured approval for one road to be constructed in Jeshwang and there is advanced negotiation for other development projects for both Jeshwang and Ebotown,” he said.

He however expressed disappointment over the conduct of some of his electorates who are unjustifiably putting him under a lot of pressure for their own selfish interest.

“Some people will call me and ask me to buy them cash power or corrugate for them to roof their houses. There was this guy who came to my office and I gave him D3000 but he said that was small. Can I give D3000 to everybody in my constituency? Is that reasonable? Let us call a spade a spade. I am doing my level best, if people invite me for their programmes, be it funerals or ceremonies I do attend if I am around but you have people who will blame me for attending funerals of UDP supporters. Is that justifiable?” heasked.