Jungler demands answers for prolonged detention without trial


By Mafugi Ceesay

A member of the notorious hit squad of former President Jammeh, known as the Junglers, has told The Standard through a family member that their prolonged detention without trial is becoming unbearable and they are demanding answers from the authorities.

“We have been kept here for two years now. We have never been taken to any court, or to even the TRRC. Recently we were hopeful that we would have met the TRRC officials when they came to visit the barracks but none of our detention officials told them about us,” the jungler told our source.


The jungler, who is among several others in detention also indicated that they are the ones who admitted killings in their statements but those who denied were set free.

“We are now regretting why we did not deny any involvement like others did,” our source quoted the junguler.

Contacted by The Standard, the army public relations officer Major Lamin K Sanyang, said they have sent a report to the ministry of Justice for legal advice about the case of the junglers but they are yet to receive any feedback.

Sanyang added that this report was about 11 junglers including the four who were released. He said those released may have been the ones who may have just joined the team shortly before the departure of the former president.

Major Sanyang said whether the junglers are to appear before the TRRC or not is a decision entirely left to government.