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Jungler explains Mahawa Cham, Saul Ndow deaths

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Popular Gambian affairs online portal Freedom newspaper has published a confession from a so-far unnamed jungler who gave chilling accounts about the operation to capture and kill businessman Saul Ndow and former Kiang East MP Mahawa Cham.

Both Saul Ndow and Mahawa Cham used to live in Dakar, Senegal prior to their capture. According to the freedom report quoting the jungler, they were allegedly infiltrated by operatives of the Jammeh regime in the name of one Suwandi Camara and Baboucarr Jarju who lured them into the trap of Jammeh on the pretext that they too were planning to topple Jammeh.

Not knowing that Suwandi and Baboucarr were planted to infiltrate them, Ndow and Cham were lured into the southern province of Casamance by Suwandi Camara, Baboucarr Jarju.
Camara and Jarju had numerous meetings with Ndow and Cham pertaining the planned operation to allegedly overthrow dictator Jammeh some of which were held in Ziguinchor in Casamance, the Freedom reported.

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According to the Freedom report quoting the junlger, there was a Senegalese national, who goes with the first name Badou, also on Jammeh’s payroll to lure Ndow and Cham to Banjul. The same Badou was named in the failed assassination attempt on the life of Musa Sarr. Saul Ndow and Mahawa Cham left Dakar after been assured by Suwandi Camara and Baboucarr Jarju that they would be received by the coupist team in Banjul from the other side of the Gambia/Casamance border. They met Suwandi Camara and Baboucarr Jarju on arrival in Zinguinchor. They traveled by car into the Casamance region, Freedom reported.

According to the article Colonel Solo Bojang accompanied by Nuha Badjie, Modou Jarju AKA Rambo, Michael Jatta, Nfansu Nyabally crossed the border from Ndemban end into the Casamance and arrested Saul Ndow and Mahawa while Suwandi Camara and Baboucarr Jarju fled the scene.
The following junglers crossed the border into Casamance during the apprehension of Saul Ndow and Mahawa Cham: On the Gambian side of the border, the following junglers were stationed at Ndemban: Malick Manga, a driver attached to Nuha Badjie Pa Ousman Sanneh and Sulayman Sambou, making it total nine junglers on the operation to capture Ndow and Cham.

According to the Freedom Newspaper, Solo Bojang briefly interrogated the captives with both Yahya Jammeh and General Saul Badjie on the phone.
Saul Ndow was wearing a silver chain on his neck, while Mahawa Cham was dressed in a Gambian traditional Haftan, the jungler told Freedom.

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“Ndow and Cham were transported to the Kanilai farm. Upon arrival, Solo Bojang opened the farm store, and took some cutlasses, and axes. Solo and his men then proceeded to the execution ground called the ‘camel farm’. The camel farm is situated at the Kanilai family farm. Ndow and Cham were executed and buried at the camel farm,” Freedom reported.

Last night The Standard contacted the brother of Mahawa Cham, Sajor Cham who said that the jungler’s narratives corroborated all what he has discovered from his own investigations, including his secret recording of Baboucar Jarjue.

Sajor Cham said Bababour Jarju had told him virtually everything the jungler has told Freedom.
“My brother and Saul Ndow were lured into the Gambia and executed by the same junglers behind many other murders in The Gambia. The case is not different from all the other cases before the investigators and it is not acceptable that people who are known to have caused the death of people are let go scot-free,” Cham told The Standard.

“Sarjo Cham called on the authorities take the case of Mahawa and Saul Ndow as a serious human rights abuse perpetrated against Gambian citizens. They were killed in The Gambia and that makes it the Gambia the crime scene and therefore the authorities should treat it just like all the other cases. The Cham and Ndow families are disappointed that the authorities did not take this matter as others but now that a jungler has corroborated all the facts, we are hopeful that the government will pursue the case vigorously,” Mr Sajro Cahm concluded.

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