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Karim tells Senegal’s leaders ‘power is not gained by walking on corpses’


Karim Wade, the son of former president Abdoulaye Wade, has warned Senegalese political leaders that power should not be gained by walking on corpses.

In a statement issued from Dubai where he has been based since he was inveigled into exile by President Macky Sall, Wade stated: “I am extremely concerned about the current state of our country. After these days of riots and drama, it is urgent for everyone to realise that we risk being led into a deadlock in Senegal. I address you today  because I was the first politician to suffer since 2012, the consequences of the current regime’s desire to eliminate all forms of opposition. Having been arbitrarily imprisoned for three years by an instrumentalised justice system, then exiled far from my country, I am in a good position to tell President Macky Sall and Ousmane Sonko that oppression and violence can only lead to failure.

“I am saddened by these events that caused the deaths of 16 young Senegalese whose families are devastated. I join my thoughts with all our compatriots to offer them my heartfelt condolences. I also wish a speedy recovery to the hundreds injured…

“I solemnly ask all those tempted by excesses to come to their senses. My thoughts are especially with the protesters whose violence and vandalism are only harming our country. I call on the security and defence forces to prohibit any unjustified use of force. Violence is never a lasting solution

“My appeal is also for the entire political class, which has the responsibility to ensure respect for institutions, dialogue and consultation. As PDS history shows, power is not gained by walking on corpses; 14 innocent victims in 2021 and 16 others today. This is unacceptable and unforgivable.

“Senegalese have an urgent need for stability, security, prosperity and peace. We cannot meet their demands by rising violently against one another, creating artificial divisions and fanning the flames of discord.

“We will not allow our republic to collapse into artificial division and hopeless discord… I would like to ask our fellow countrymen to show restraint, wisdom and mutual respect. We are a great people, proud, united by a rich culture, sharing a common history. We have all the potential to achieve great things. But we have to know how to stay together in unity, solidarity, respect for the rule of law and democracy…”

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