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Khilafat: The Divine Bounty and Blessings

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‘God Almighty’s Support for Khilafat’

After reciting Tashahhud, Ta’awwuz and Surah al-Fatihah, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(aba) said that it is a great blessing of Allah the Almighty that we have been fortunate to accept the Promised Messiah(as), through whom God promised the revival of Islam.

Establishment of Khilafat After the Promised Messiah(as)

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His Holiness(aba) said that in accordance with the promises made by God and the prophecies made by the Holy Prophet(sa), the Promised Messiah(as) was sent by God in subservience to the Holy Prophet(sa) in order to revive the message of Islam. Then, after him, the institution of Khilafat (Caliphate) was established within his community, again in accordance with God?s promises and the prophecies of the Holy


His Holiness(aba) said that it is to commemorate the fulfilment of these promises of God and the prophecies made by the Holy Prophet(sa), that the Ahmadiyya Community worldwide celebrates Khilafat Day on May 27. The Promised Messiah(as) passed away on May 26 [1908], and on May 27, the Ahmadiyya Khilafat was established with the election of Hazrat Maulana Hakim Nooruddin(ra) as the First Caliph. Then, after the demise of the first Caliph, the Community united at the hands of the Second Caliph. Despite some internal conflicts and difficult circumstances, God manifested His support and the second Khilafat lasted for 52 years during which time the Community flourished from strength to strength. Then, after the demise of the Second Caliph, the Third Khilafat commenced, during which, again despite opposition, the Community continued to prosper. Then, after the demise of the Third Caliph, God manifested His Might once again with the establishment of the Fourth Khilafat. The enemy reared its head again, trying to end the Community, yet the enemy faced defeat in every way.  In fact, due to this enmity, the Fourth Caliph had to migrate from Pakistan to the UK, where the headquarters were established and to the opponents? dismay, the Community succeeded more and more. After the demise of the Fourth Caliph, Allah the Almighty fulfilled His promise once again with the establishment of the Fifth Khilafat. God Almighty granted the Fifth Caliph extraordinary support and the Community has progressed by leaps and bounds. The Community was established in dozens more countries, the system of the Community was further established in many places and through His own help and support, God established love and devotion for the Ahmadiyya Khilafat in scores of hearts.

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Khilafat On the Precepts of Prophethood

His Holiness(aba) said that one of the prophecies made by the Holy Prophet(sa) was that God vouchsafed to him that prophethood shall remain among you as long as Allah shall will. He will bring about its end and follow it with Khilafat on the precepts of prophethood for as long as He shall will and then bring about its end. A tyrannical monarchy will then follow and will remain as long as Allah shall will and then come to an end. There will follow thereafter monarchical despotism to last as long as Allah shall will and come to an end upon His decree. There will then emerge Khilafat on the precept of prophethood. After stating this the Holy Prophet(sa) remained silent.

His Holiness(aba) said that we are fortunate to witness the fulfilment of this prophecy. Those who remain attached to the Community of the Promised Messiah(as) will continue to witness blessings, God willing.

His Holiness(aba) said that we see even after the advent of the Promised Messiah(as), the so-called concept of Khilafat disappeared from the general Muslim world, and monarchies have been established. These tyrannical rules will not be able to escape the punishment of God. Though it may seem that they are given respite, ultimately they will face God?s decree.

His Holiness(aba) said, in any case, in accordance with the prophecy of the Holy Prophet(sa), the Promised Messiah(as) was sent in complete obedience to the Holy Prophet(sa). Then, the Promised

Messiah(as) stated that he was the Khatam al-Khulafa (Seal of Caliphs) and that any Khilafat which would be established would come in succession to him.

Witnessing the Second Manifestation

His Holiness(aba) said that as the Promised Messiah?s(as) demise drew near, the Promised Messiah(as) gave the glad tidings of the Khilafat being established, saying that „[Allah the Almighty] manifests two kinds of Power. (1) First He shows the Hand of His Power at the hands of His Prophets(as) themselves. (2) Second, when with the death of a Prophet(as), difficulties and problems arise and the enemy feels stronger and thinks that things are in disarray and is convinced that now this Jama’at will become extinct and even members of the Jama’at, too, are in a quandary and their backs are broken, and some of the unfortunate ones choose paths that lead to apostasy, then it is that God for the second time shows His Mighty Power and supports and takes care of the shaken Jama’at. Thus one who remains steadfast till the end witnesses this miracle of God. This is what happened at the time of Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddiq(ra), when the demise of the Holy Prophet(sa) was considered untimely and many an ignorant Bedouin turned apostate. The Companions(ra) of the Holy Prophet(sa), too, stricken with grief, became like those who lose their senses. Then Allah raised Abu Bakr Siddiq(ra) and showed for the second time the manifestation of His Power and saved Islam, just when it was about to fall, and fulfilled the promise which was spelled out in the verse:

“After the fear We shall firmly re-establish them.?”

His Holiness(aba) further quoted the Promised Messiah(as) who writes:

„So dear friends! since it is the Sunnatullah, from time immemorial, that God Almighty shows two Manifestations so that the two false joys of the opponents be put to an end, it is not possible now that God should relinquish His Sunnah of old. So do not grieve over what I have said to you; nor should your hearts be distressed. For it is essential for you to witness the second Manifestation also, and its Coming is better for you because it is everlasting the continuity of which will not end till the Day of Judgment. And that second Manifestation cannot come unless I depart.?

His Holiness(aba) said that from this, he has deduced that this statement of the Promised Messiah(as) also serves as a response to those who dispute the age of the Promised Messiah(as). The Promised

Messiah(as) did not specify the number of years he had left in his life, rather he alluded to his imminent demise. He did not give weight to the conversation surrounding his age, rather what was more important was the completion of his mission.

His Holiness(aba) said that as such, the Promised Messiah(as) said, „But when I depart, God will send that second Manifestation for you which shall always stay with you just as promised by God in Barahine- Ahmadiyya. And this promise is not for my person. Rather the promise is with reference to you, as God [addressing me] says: I shall make this Jama’at who are your followers, prevail over others till the Day of Judgment. Thus it is inevitable that you see the day of my departure, so that after that day the day comes which is the day of ever-lasting promise. Our God is He Who keeps His promise and is Faithful and is the Truthful God. He shall show you all that He has promised. Though these days are the last days of this world and there are many a disaster waiting to happen, yet it is necessary that this world continues to exist until all those things about which God has prophesied come to pass.?

(The Will, pp. 5-8)

His Holiness(aba) said that in accordance with divine promises, the Community of the Promised Messiah(as) continues to flourish, and there are thousands upon thousands around the world who have never seen the Caliph, yet God Himself bestows them with support and love for the Caliph. His Holiness(aba) said that he would share such incidents which show the extraordinary support of God attached with the Caliph.

Incidents Highlighting God?s Support for Khilafat

His Holiness(aba) said that a group of non-Ahmadis in Burkina Faso saw His Holiness(aba) on MTA, and upon seeing him their eyes filled with tears. They expressed that their hearts feel a newfound contentment upon seeing His Holiness(aba) and listening to his words on MTA, which has now become routine for them. This is the way in which God Himself bestows such people who have never even met the Caliph, with love for the Khilafat.

His Holiness(aba) said that an Arab living in Germany was meant to visit the Annual Convention (Jalsa Salana) in Germany but wasn?t able to due to his exams. He sent his older brother instead, who reported back after hearing His Holiness(aba) speak that he is certainly supported by God and that the Khilafat is truthful. Later that day, he entered the fold of Ahmadiyyat. This could only be placed in his heart by God Almighty.

His Holiness(aba) said that a family in Cameroon said that MTA changed the lives of their children. One of their children studying O-levels was very keen to listen to the Friday Sermons delivered by His Holiness(aba). On Fridays, he would aks his teacher to be excused so that he could go home and listen to the Friday Sermon. He said that he could miss school, but he couldn?t miss the Friday Sermon. Such is the degree of his faith. He said that by listening to the Friday Sermons, he has been able to abandon all of his bad habits. Such are the people who fulfil the oath of attachment with Khilafat. Such people will ultimately be most successful, as promised by God.

His Holiness(aba) said that in Guinea-Bissau, a man learned that members of his family were accepting Ahmadiyyat. He gathered some clerics in order to oppose the Community. The local missionary said that before expressing their opposition, they should at least hear the

Community?s message first. So that man listened to the Community?s message and also happened to come across His Holiness?(aba) Friday Sermon which was being relayed live on MTA. He said that he would listen the sermon just for a while, but when he started to listen, he could not bring himself to leave and listened to the entire sermon. Thereafter he said that the manner in which His Holiness(aba) was mentioning the history of Islam showed him that the Ahmadiyya Community could not be disbelievers. Hence, he accepted Ahmadiyyat and now he preaches the message of Ahmadiyyat to others.

His Holiness(aba) said that in the Gambia, the message of Ahmadiyyat was being conveyed to a village chief. Upon seeing an image of His Holiness(aba) he expressed that he saw truthfulness in him, and that this

Community must be true because after the Promised Messiah(as) the Khilafat has held the Community together. Hence, he along with the members of his village accepted Ahmadiyyat.

(These are only a few examples of the various incidents presented by His Holiness(aba))

His Holiness(aba) said that God Almighty is opening hearts to the Ahmadiyya Khilafat and causing pure natured people to become completely devoted to the Khilafat. Every day of the 118-year history of the Ahmadiyya Khilafat is testimony to the fact that Allah the Almighty us supporting this Khilafat and the Community is seeing success by the day.

His Holiness(aba) prayed that may Allah the Almighty, through His special grace, enable him to carry out his responsibilities. May God enable every Ahmadi to always remain attached to the Khilafat with complete devotion and sincerity. May Khilafat always lead a community of those who tread upon the paths of righteousness. May Allah the Almighty fulfil the purpose for which the Promised Messiah(as) was sent and through the Khilafat, may the reign of the One True God be established in the world. May the flag of the Holy Prophet(sa) be raised high for the world to see.

Funeral Prayers

His Holiness(aba) said that he would lead the funeral prayers in absentia of the following:

Chaudhary Muhammad Idris Nasrullah Khan

Chaudhary Muhammad Idris Nasrullah Khan who had been residing in Canada. He was the nephew of Sir Zafrullah Khan. He was also the great-grandson of the First Caliph. His maternal grandfather was Chaudhary Fateh Muhammad Sial was the first missionary in the UK. Idrees Nasrullah Khan served in various capacities in Rabwah. He was also part of the convoy from Rabwah to Karachi when the Fourth Caliph(rh) was migrating to London. He had a sincere and loyal attachment to the Caliphate, which His Holiness(aba) himself attested to. His Holiness(aba) prayed that may Allah the Almighty enable his children to carry on the legacy of his virtues and grant him forgiveness and mercy.

Kunwar Idrees

Kunwar Idrees of Karachi also recently passed away. He is survived by his wife, two sons and two daughters. He worked at various levels of the civil service. He worked very honourably and was remembered as such. He rendered services to the Community in various capacities. He also had a case brought against him for writing in the name of Allah at the beginning of a letter. He endured this with great patience. In fact, after the case was over and the cleric who had levelled the case required financial assistance, he rendered help to him. His Holiness(aba) prayed that may Allah grant him forgiveness and mercy and enable his children to carry on the legacy of his virtues.

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon.

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