Kiang royal crowning festival pushed to Dec 28


The traditional council of elders of the old soninke kingdom of Kiang Batelling, a centuries-old elderly council which anoints and installs kings and princes in this historically famous cultural home of the people of Kiang, yesterday announced the proposed crowing of a Sibi Karang Manso, Farim Ebrahim, scheduled for Saturday March 3 has been has been put off until 28 to 30 December.
A press release sent to this medium explained that the postponement was necessitated by the fact that logistical arrangements such as accommodation for the royal delegations from Ghana, Europe among other places are behind schedule.

The council also said the new date will give enough time for the special guests and general public to properly plan their attendance.
The traditional council of elders expressed their hope that the royal ceremony will be a significant alternative added value to The Gambia’s growing tourism economy, away from sea and sand alone.

The ceremony will also share the kingdom’s thousand years sacred culture, heritage, tradition and values that have not been in public domain for 117 years as well unveil museums, sacred sites and commemorate the statues of Mansa Koto and past rulers including the two colonial British Commissioners (Sir Frederick Cecil Sitwell and Frederick Edgar Silva).


It will be recalled that Prince Ebrahim (Farim) became the eighth reigning “Sibi Karang Mansa” on Sunday, 26 November 2017, succeeding Mansa Koto Sanyang. Batelling’s stool is an traditional Soninke royal realm said to be 796 years old, situated along the Kiang West National Park about 148km from Banjul. The kingdom also hosted colonial and post-colonial chiefs including Chief Lang Sanyang, Chief Bunja Sanneh, Chief Kika Sanyang.