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Lame white horse

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Once again President Barrow has opened his mouth and made a statement that has no correlation to some kind of brain activity.

Some time ago, Barrow spoke about the NPP and the election, saying he sees it as a war.

President Adama Barrow has declared that his National People’s Party would rather take “death than shame” in the December 4th presidential election. Eh? Where does this come from?

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This is a quote from the article I am refering to:

”Addressing a group of former national assembly members and governors who called on him to declare their support, Barrow went further to explain: “NPP is not taking the December presidential election lightly. We are ready for anything as far as the elections are concern and when you are about to start a war, there are two things to bear in mind – death or shame. You either take death or shame and we the NPP will rather take death than shame.”

This is a typical example of a statement made by an uneducated leader who doesn’t understand better. The problem is that we can’t afford to have a leader who holds such a low level. Any leader must understand that s/he is seen as a role model, as someone people look up to and admire. There is not much to admire considering Mr Barrow, because it is only in his own eyes he has achieved a lot as he keeps on bragging. He founded a political party, the NPP, and I wonder where he got the money to pay for the registration fee. As we have no transparency worth its name in The Gambia, we will never find out who payed the fee.

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A million dalasis is nothing you can blow out from your nose just like that. As we don’t know the facts, we can only suspect that the Gambian people have paid both for the registration fee and all the other expences.

Does it feel correct that the ruling president can found his own political party during his mandate period? Does it feel fair to other parties who struggle economically? If President Barrow would have had any sense of fair play he should have waited until the next election. He was elected as a president for a coalition government, he is supposed to represent them all – the whole country. How is that possible when he first broke his promise to let the people decide if he should stay or leave after three years? How is it possible in a democracy to jail people who demonstrated against his broken promises? That is not democracy, that is an act of another dictator who is too full of himself to bother about his people.

NPP has a white horse as their symbol, so has North Korea. Is President Barrow aware of that? North Korea is a dictatorship, just as The Gambia has been not long ago. The choice of a party’s symbol must be taken under consideration and chosen wisely. It is a signal to the people and these things can go very wrong. A white horse has absolutely nothing to do with The Gambia. A horse is a political symbol and symbolises strength, power and freedom. The white horse in North Korea symbolises defiance, a signal to the world that Kim Jong Un and his ilks don’t care about what anyone is thinking about them and their actions.

Which interpretation did the NPP choose when the white horse was placed as their symbol? There are a lot of photos of the dictator Kim Jong Un on a white horse, riding in the snow near a mountain. I would love to see something similar if it is possible to lift Mr Barrow up on a horse. Let him ride along the shore with the sunset in the background. Wouldn’t that be a sight for sore eyes?

I feel sorry for the poor horse, but it might be a good promotion trick for Mr Barrow as long as he is able to stay on the horse’s back. Humpty Dumpty fell from the shelf and cracked, but sand is soft so Mr Barrow doesn’t have to worry too much.

In the article I have been refering to at the beginning of this one, Mr Barrow spoke about himself in the third person. For you who have some psychological insight, you know that it is a warning sign for an adult who has this habit. It can be a sign of narcissism, of self-admiration, and that is not a healthy sign. We have experienced a lot of times that some leaders tend to speak about themselves like that; Donald Trump spoke about himself as Donald Trump instead of calling himself I or me in a sentence. Barrow does the same and this habit tells us that this person is keeping a distance to his own personality. It is like he is speaking about someone else and is admiring that person. Holding that distance also means that a person with that personality trait doesn’t take responsibility for his mistakes. In fact, a person like that believes that he never makes any mistakes, it is only others who do so.

It was a huge mistake of President Barrow to speak out like he did, and the worst thing is that he doesn’t understand his mistake. The Gambia is supposed to be a democracy, and I say supposed because we know that we still have a long way to go before there will be a true democratic rule in the country. This will not happen while we still are stuck with the current president and government. After the election in December I hope and pray that we will have a new president. We need a highly educated person on the post, someone who has dedicated his whole life to The Gambia and the welfare of the Gambian people.

We need a strong person who is not lead by back patters and fake smiles. Our new president must be a visionary, a person who has a clear plan for how to develop The Gambia and bring back dignity to her people. President Barrow is refering to the coming election as a war him and the NPP are preparing for. What is it that he doesn’t understand? An election held in a democracy is not a war and he is not a warlord. Where does Barrow get these ideas from? This is a disturbing sign of a man with low self-esteem who has the urge to uplift himself to a level where he doesn’t belong.

Barrow speaks about himself in the third person, telling that ”Barrow has done this and Barrow has done that”. He is speaking about ”Barrow’s government” as the representatives there are his belongings. Barrow is not a visionary, he feels sorry for himself when people call him the sleeping president and tries to brag about something he has achieved. He mentioned different places but not what has been done there. People don’t know what has been done, so tell them! Give them facts, show them what has been done, for what cost and who has payed for it all. Give us the transparency you promised at the beginning!

It is sad that the only thing that is transparent is that President Barrow has no clue of what he is doing. Use your voice and go out and vote in the election in December. You are worth so much better than what you have now!

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