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Letter to the President

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Dear editor,

I am wishing the president eid mubarak. Your Excellency I am totally disappointed with the remarks you made earlier on that you prefer death over shame in the forthcoming election.

This is a complete betrayal of trust of the masses and a threat to their lives. You are holding a public office. Of course it is a political office but that doesn’t mean that your desire to continue to hold that office would warrant you to engage in a battle over shame or death. Instead the battle should be over good governance and respect for humanity.

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It should be borne in mind that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I can see that you are overwhelmed with power. Your Excellency, no amount of threats and intimidations will stop us to fight for a better system. If you want Gambians to renew your mandate, this is not the way.

Your Excellency, you made even worse statements when delivering your eid-ul-fitr message. Instead of seeking for forgiveness for failing to provide basic food and security for the people, you rained blames on the youths for the demonstrations that occurred in Sanyang. As the common adage says, there is no smoke without fire. Your Excellency, what did you do with the Faraba Banta report? You must take charge of things as the leader. We don’t expect your government to set up commissions and throw their recommendations into the bins. Your Excellency, we have no hatred against you as a human being but we hate your driving style which could lead to fatal accidents. You have shattered the trust and confidence bestowed on you from 2016. Never expect the votes of the Gambian people under such pernicious circumstances.

The women and the youths will never allow you take them for easy rides. It is time to make positive decisions in choosing a leader who will act like the pioneers of our independence. The welfare of the Gambian people is at stake. We need strong institutions and not strong leaders who will be beating their chests and glorify themselves.

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Let all hands be on deck to change the government of the day by ballot. Yes we can. We will promote peace but not give our backs to injustices. Your Excellency, we can gauge from your words that you are ready for the worst in order to maintain your incumbency. We are not desperate to be in State House but we are desperate to see The Gambia in good hands. Your Excellency, leave power honourably than contest the forthcoming election.

You have made history already as the man who led a coalition and defeat a dictator without violence. Why should you force yourself to destroy that legacy? Think over these words and save this country.

Sulayman Saho

National Assembly Member

Central Baddibu

Letter to the Director General of Immigration

Dear editor,

It’s been weeks since two officers of The Gambia Immigration Department violated the Civil Service code of conduct under the watch of Director General Seedy Touray, and yet nothing has been done to them!

The two officers infringed Section 33 of the Immigration Code of Conduct of 1996. Section 33, Rule 7, stipulates that all offences, including unauthorised dissemination of information with the potential to cause harm demand disciplinary action.

This is a very serious offence and the people of The Gambia wait on him to do the right thing and conclude the endless investigations as there’s nothing to investigate in the matter. The laws are very clear about these violations as well as the possible punishments that should be swiftly imposed. The right thing for DG Touray to do is to  convene his senior management teams and come up with reprimands, which are already laid down in the Immigration Act as well as the Civil Service Commission acts. 

I diametrically believe that if President Barrow was the one having interest in this matter it wouldn’t have taken even a week for them to come up with a punitive reprimand. However, since both officers lean towards favouring the president’s party, the NPP and negating UDP, that makes it more convenient for the complacency.

I want to let DG Touray know that neither he nor President Barrow own The Gambia Immigration Department, nor does Adama Barrow own The Gambia. They are servants of the people, not masters.

If DG Touray does the most honorable things to further strengthen the laws enshrined in our constitution and end up getting fired, his name would go into the good books of history as one of the youngest DGs of Immigration who refused to kiss the ass of the executive.

He should not allow the extra privileges, such as air-conditioned vehicles, benefits, travels and other privileges make him dumb. His work with the United Nations and the way he restructured the Liberian Immigration Department speaks volumes of him and he shouldn’t allow his little credibility be doomed just because he allowed some stupid political interference in his job.

Seedy Touray should stop sleeping. We the people of The Gambia are privy to a lot of information.

Ensa Ceesay

Ex-Cadet Inspector

The Gambia Immigration Department

Olympia, Washington, USA

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