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Lawmaker says Gambian journalists are ‘hypocrites’

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By Omar Bah

Nominated National Assembly member, Majanko Samusa has accused Gambian journalists of being ‘hypocrites’ and ‘bias’ towards President Adama Barrow.

Speaking in a Star FM exclusive to be aired this morning, he said: “The number one hypocrites in this country are the journalists and if people are not careful you [journalists] will put this country on fire. As a journalist, you have to be transparent and non-partisan. I will say it over and again that the number one hypocrites in this country are the Gambian journalists. Let you journalists’ association write anything you want and insult me. I don’t care.”

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“You should be fair to the government and the politicians. You have municipalities all over the country taking taxpayers’ monies but nobody knows where they are putting the money. Just look at how terrible our feeder roads are in this country. Where is the money we are paying? But what is stopping the journalists from asking them questions about these things?” Samusa said.

“Even if the political parties you favor kill people you will not say or write about it. Some politicians will say nasty things here but you will ignore them but even if President Barrow says anything the media will be like Barrow is this and that or he is a sleeping president. Where do you see him sleeping? You are seeing people saying more dangerous things here that could land one to prison but you don’t write it,” he said.

The lawmaker said the Gambian leader has proven to be the most accommodative president Gambia ever had. “Even former president Jawara, despite being described as a champion of democracy, once jailed a journalist [Ba Trawally]. I was also sacked by Saikou Sabally because he said I support the NCP. All these things happened under Jawara but the young people have not been told the truth,” he said.

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“What President Barrow accepts in this country, Jawara and Jammeh have never accepted that. He has proven to be a real democrat,” Samusa said.

Samusa, who is a member of the parliamentary committee responsible for monitoring government projects, said President Adama Barrow has completed “a lot of development projects”.

Reacting to the much talked about APRC and NPP alliance, Samusa said: “The APRC should come forward and work with the NPP to ensure Barrow wins the December election. APRC has not done anything wrong to President Barrow and Barrow has never said anything about Yahya Jammeh because the TRRC report is not ready. Politics is about interest and everybody follows his/her interest,” he said.

Mr Samusa said it should be “a collective responsibility” to prevent one particular political party from winning the December election.

“May God forbid, I tell you, after the change in 2016 they wanted Barrow to start punishing the APRC. They wanted immediate revenge but Barrow refused; he told them whatever they do should follow democratic principles,” he said. 

The former elected MP in the first republic further urged Gambians to discourage all forms of tribalism and politics of sentiments and bigotry.   

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