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Letter: My bonus/gift: Natural disasters are caused by lack of standards


Nature does punish at times , to raise standards and for reasons beyond direct human comprehension. Last night’s destructive rains around the Gambia is indeed punitive, but where can we learn? It is no where comparable to the destructive snow of places like Canada Russia, so we are less punished in The Gambia? People get punished for stupidity, lying, and/or cruelty. We can and should empathize with victims as a good deed, but we should be truthful to them as super good deed, as per ch.103. We can partially blame it on God or nature, but where did we fell short? Humankind are given minds to think, but do we think enough to prevent and cure problems? Yes, it was a deadly storm, but over 90% of the deaths are poor children, but their crimes may be beyond poverty and questionable parents.

And how did the rich contributed to their poverty and sub standards? If we identify corruption, some will limit it to financial corruption? A great government with great leadership understands standards create jobs, saves lives, protect properties, and minimize earthly challenges? A private or public inspector in every district creates how many jobs, the cameras they buy or rent will boost how many businesses; they will save lives and properties, etc? Lack of enough standards and regulations contributed to the deadly tower collapse in Miami , similarly to the properties and lives lost in the Gambia? How will the u.s learn from that disaster versus Gambia learns?

Whenever you have a leader who is seeking second or more term from the people, you raise the chances of fearing to set standards and enforce regulations, they fear to offend the voters even with necessary inconvenient truth.

It is overdue for every district or region in the Gambia to have a building inspector with culture of cameras. The mere recording will pressure for efforts. The foundation, pillars, beams, and roof are crucial, but do not over demand/regulate. You want to buy land, we have tons of standards and sub standards for you, but you want to build a house, we have zero standards for you? The guilty poor man said government have no right to ascertain my house is safe, they should go after the cannabis users. They should rob or beg to cure me if the house collapses and help build a standard house for me…The guilty governments accept and sell the excuses of poverty of the people and governments that mis-prioritizes? How many of the poor victims had enough money for two or more wives, but not enough money to pay an inspector for building permit, inspection intervals, etc? S/he paid so little taxes in a year, except percentage is the best measuring tool for such. Most of the farmers do not pay income tax, but how much they earn yearly for an opposition leader and ignorant journalist to claim the taxes from the products they buy is enough to fund schools, roads, and many things we believe government should shoulder? The farmers say they are not alone, the maids are female and professional prostitutes make lot more money without paying income taxes? We overprotected women through FGM and culture, but we are repeating the mistakes through government and illusory religious misinterpretation. In one minute we claim women are over working, but the next minute we claim a poor man must marry the hard working woman or she suffers? She may have monies for bleaching, marabouts, praise singers, etc more than to children and government? Then we indoctrinate the children to be grateful to parents and government, no matter how little they meet responsibilities?

When disaster hits, the poor child dies prematurely or is rescued? Those who lost properties said we should thank God, but does thanking include learning? Those who lost lives are often consoled with questionable predestination doctrines? Will the God of efforts ignore efforts, retaliate against efforts, or start predestining intelligence and sincere care?

Cowardly government over cowardly people : The same guilty poor people that claimed God made a mistake in creating clitoris, culture must rectify that in ‘care’; they are claiming God made a mistake in cannabis and inspiring hemp houses that could have easily withstand our smaller test? The same governments that feared confronting cowardly voters on FGM are not brave enough to even tell the public how hemp can help poor Gambians, beyond resisting such windy or torrential rains. So they will offer questionable empathy to partial victims and go beg hemp legalizing countries to under help people and loot part of it? Canada, Netherlands, u.s, etc should donate hemp bricks instead of money, but they are questionable humans, sometimes even worse than Africans. I wonder if God predestined corruption, lying to partners, stupidity in rejecting clitoris and cannabis, cruelty against self healing or hurting folks, etc? ‘When good befalls them, they over credit their women, corrupt politicians, parents, or modern idols; when evil or punishment befalls them due to their choices, they blame it on God or politicize it? ‘ It is not good to fool people, but it is not good to fool self either. Know the limits and role of government beyond money. If you take a partner, primarily for money; have children, primarily for money; select leaders, primarily for money or looted money, then you are not far from money worshiping. Karma may then send you as minority to those who worship money even more than you or to God? Fear is a terrible disease that can easily lead you to greed and/or arrogance. May we learn, be just to ourselves and be humbly just to others.

Kebba Jarga Jigo

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