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Letters: Message of thanks and appreciation

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Dear editor,

On behalf of the family of the late Ousman Jarju in  Brikama, Foni and Kiang,  I wish to sincerely thank all Gambians home and abroad for standing by us during this challenging and unexpected moment.

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We sincerely appreciate the emotional support during our moment of grief.  The outpouring messages were both consoling and reassuring, knowing Ousman has touched many lives in different ways.

We are particularly thankful to The Gambia Government under the National  Audit Office for facilitating the logistics to get Ousman buried in his home village, Foni Jarrol.

We also thank The Gambia Police Force for ensuring that the culprits are quickly arrested and charged. We cannot thank everyone enough.

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Our family had lost a young, brilliant and decent member of our family when we celebrated his budding career as a promising auditor. 

Ousman met his untimely death barely a week after returning from his first official course in the Republic of Tanzania.

We have lost a brother and a son, but the Gambia has lost a promising son whose greatest ambition was to serve his country.

Ousman allegedly loses his life due to a knife stab; that stab leaves a scar in our hearts forever.  It breaks our hearts as we try to picture what he must have gone through mentally.

We believe justice will take its course in this matter in order to set a precedence. The nation cannot afford to lose young, very enthusiastic, brilliant, patriotic sons like Ousman. All they need is a guarantee of their security to serve their nation.

We, therefore, urge the Government of The Gambia to take the right course of action to protect lives and properties by seeking timely and transparent justice for victims like Ousman.

Lamin A Jarju

New York, United States

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