UDP to embark on tour today


By Awa Macalo

The United Democratic Party will today start a nation-wide tour led by its leader, Ousainu Darboe. The tour party will first hold meetings in Barra and Berending, where they will stop for the night. On Tuesday, the tour will cover Bakalarr, Ndungu Kebbeh, Albreda and Jurungku where they will stop for the night. The tour is expected to last for a month. Meanwhile, on the eve of the tour yesterday, the deputy administrative secretary, Yankuba Darboe, called on party supporters to stop being agents of fear and making false assumptions. “I heard people saying that they have received information from state intelligence agents that there are plans to harm the party’s leadership but what I want to tell you, more especially UDP supporters, is to stop being agents of fear to these people. They are using you, lying to you, telling you that Barrow is planning something against your party leadership and you just go with that rumour spreading it to social media forums and creating fear in people,” Yankuba said.

He added: “We have intelligence and security in our midst. If you have such information, take it to them, let them vet it first.  They are using you without your knowledge because they know that if they call you pretending to be SIS or they are telling you that they are relatives of SIS and they are planning something against you, they are using you.


“Their intention is to scare people, so that they would fear to turn in large numbers at UDP meetings”.