Kandeh says GDC victory ‘inevitable’


By Omar Bah

The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress, Mamma Kandeh has told supporters in Upper Niumi that only the December election is between him and the presidency.

Addressing a well-attended meeting at Pakau Saloum on Saturday organised by local women who adopted his wife as mother, Kandeh said: “It is now inevitable that the GDC will win the presidential election in December.”


The former lawmaker, whose speech was disrupted by rains, thanked the Gambian people and those who turned up at the Pakau meeting, despite a rainy Saturday.

“I want to urge all of you to come out in your numbers in December and vote for the GDC. I always want to thank the villagers of Pakau Saloum for choosing to adopt my wife as their mother,” Kandeh said. 

The GDC leader’s wife, Anna Camara thanked the women who adopted her as mother and urged them to continue rallying behind the party.

“I want to urge all of you to work hard and ensure that we take Mamma Kandeh to the State House in December. I am saying this because I believe Kandeh is the solution for this country. He is my husband and I know he has the heart to build this country,” she said. She donated D20, 000 to the women to support their businesses.

The GDC councilor for Pakau Ward, Alagie K Saho urged the people of NBR to vote for the GDC in December.

“The GDC has shown beyond reasonable doubt that they can uplift this country from its current predicament. This is a party that has dug more than 100 boreholes,” Saho said. “There is no Gambian who is not experiencing difficulties this country is facing under Barrow,” he said.

Saho, who was a strong supporter of the APRC, said the Barrow administration has failed its promise to build a new Gambia. “That dream as far as I am concerned has failed and I cannot support a government that doesn’t keep its promises,” Saho said.