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Essa Faal urges opposition to join him to turn around Gambia

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By Omar Bah

Presidential aspirant Essa Faal has called on the opposition to put aside all differences and join him to remove the Barrow administration.

“I invite the other political parties to join us to remove this government,” Faal told supporters at the Buffer Zone on Saturday, shouting “ajindi”, meaning vote him out.

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“I urge all the opposition to think about the current situation in the country and do what is good for this country. We need a government that will reduce unemployment, address the challenges in our health system and build us good roads,” he said.

Faal said The Gambia needs “a government and leader who will go anywhere in the world and raise the country’s flag and not somebody who will turn us to a laughing stock around the world. If I look at the young people here, I feel very bad because the majority of them are jobless”.

The coalition government, Faal added, has failed to fulfill the promises made to the women and young people.

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“Immediately after assuming power, they neglected the young people and women of this country but I promise today, the same young people and women will vote them out in December,” he said.

Faal said his government will fight corruption and reduce it drastically and the youth will be employed.

“It will not matter what language, tribe or part of the country you come from. The Jola, Mandinka, Fula, Wollof and all tribes will be equal under my leadership,” he said.

Faal said the respect for the victims and the rule of law will not be compromised under his presidency.

“It doesn’t matter what type of private agreement you have with the person. The Constitution says if you offend somebody you should face the law and if you have a government that doesn’t believe in that, ajindi,” he said.   

Faal blasted the government’s spending on ambulances and NPP Pick-Ups for campaign purposes.

“These monies could have been spent revamping the Jahally Pacharr rice fields or other important matters,” he said.

The former TRRC lead counsel also announced plans to embark on a nationwide tour.

“We will tour the country and tell people what’s happening. [We will] invite other political parties to come and join us and all of us work in reversing the problem we have here and make a turnaround,” Faal said.

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