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Letters: President Adama Barrow’s shameful visit! Insulting

Letters: President Adama Barrow's shameful visit! Insulting

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Dear editor,

The family of Yahya Jammeh is not a national priority just like my family and the families of all Gambians. The only family of national priority in The Gambia is the immediate family of the President and the Vice President of the Republic which is why they are provided full residence, security and upkeep!

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Therefore for what national purpose would the Head of State Adama Barrow dare to visit the extended family and birthplace of Yahya Jammeh? It is obvious that the entire immediate and extended families of Yahya Jammeh are not victims. They have not provided any national service or suffered any disaster to warrant the use of public resources to visit them.

Yahya Jammeh himself is a disgraced former President. He is on self-imposed exile because he flouted the Constitution and the sovereignty of The Gambia. It was precisely for that selfish and corrupt act of rebellion against the Republic that Adama Barrow himself was forced to flee The Gambia only to be sworn in as president on foreign soil in 2017.

Therefore, how on earth can the Government of The Gambia justify the visit of the President to the extended family and home of that former rogue tinpot dictator? This visit is a very serious matter that should attract the topmost concern of all Gambians.

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Adama Barrow’s actions have ridiculed the Office of the President in the most disrespectful and irresponsible manner. This is because there are multiple families in this country who are in deep pain, poverty and misery simply because of the atrocious violations of Yahya Jammeh. Yet Adama Barrow has never found it necessary, in the name of justice, accountability and reconciliation to visit those families!

Since 2017, Pres. Barrow has never found it necessary to visit the victims of Yahya Jammeh in their homes and organizations. Barrow has never visited the Victims’ Centre. He has never invited victims and their families to State House to console and assure them of justice and reparations. Yet this President would have the audacity to visit the home of a tyrant who inflicted merciless pain and suffering on thousands of Gambians!!!

Each and every Gambian must be angry and saddened by this sheer act of irresponsibility and disrespect meted out to our people by none other than our elected President. This despicable action has put the Office of the President into disrepute which is an impeachable offense!

I hereby call on all Gambians to loudly and unreservedly condemn this irresponsible act of the President. I call on the National Assembly to convene an emergency session immediately to demand President Barrow to explain his reason for this irresponsible act and reprimand him accordingly! The President must be told that no amount of politics and no matter his desire for re-election should make him ridicule and insult The Gambian nation.

President Adama Barrow must be forced to apologize for this disrespectful act. I wish to condemn this shameful visit with all my might.

Defend the Republic.

Madi Jobarteh


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