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Letters: The Gambia not subjected to blackmail from the 3 Years Jotna

Dear editor,

We are not asking you to sit or not sit with the president, because your organization is not a political party or anything relevant to Gambians.

The Gambia is a small nation and one of the poorest countries on earth.

What we needed is stability and nation building. We don’t need orders from an unknown group of people, even seeing your faces in The Standard Newspaper.

I received my high school education in Sierra Leone in the early 1970s, and their problems started like this. Even Liberia too started the same way. Eventually both countries ended up in a long civil war and up until now those countries are still suffering.

In The Gambia we should avoid tribalism, nepotism, jealousy and greed.

Adama Barrow is our president and was elected by the Gambians and we should all wait for the 2021 election to voice our voices.

If your group tries to destabilise our peaceful country during our tourist season you will not succeed.

We have a kind hearted president who rarely talks, so let us pray for him to finish his 5 years mandate in good faith.

Gambians are even wondering why the widely respected Standard Newspaper is giving your group publicity because we don’t see your photos in other newspapers other than The Standard.

They said all these is part of the freedom of the press.

We are advising this unknown group and their financial backers not to destabilize the Gambia we all love.


Hardy A.B Taal




The ‘3 Years Jotna’ Group should
let peace prevail in The Gambia

Dear editor,

Every Gambian has a right to participate in the democratic dispensation of the Gambia. No Gambian including the President is above the law.

Similarly, no Gambian or groups of people have the right to disrupt the peace and stability of the Gambia.

The ‘3 years Jotna’ group have no vision for the Gambia.

They should let peace prevail in the Gambia and not bent on a sinister agenda that could threaten peace and stability in the country.

I do not see any reason for President Adama Barrow to open up negotiations with the ‘3 years Jotna’ group.

By giving too much attention to this group, the Gambia government only extends them unnecessary importance. Let the government continue to work on its development agenda.

There are too many development projects for this government to accomplish and I do not see how in just less than 3 years in power, the group expects Barrow to perform miracles or honor a memorandum of understanding they never wrote.

The ‘3 years Jotna’ group are by no means representing the interest of the Gambian people for many reasons.

Firstly, the coalition members did not enter into any agreement with them. Also, the group has no agreement with President Adama Barrow as to whether he should serve 3 years or 5 years.

The group is just out there embarking on an idle agenda with the lofty belief that in December they can gather as many people as possible to bring a democratically elected President down.

I do not see any possibility in this group’s ability to force President Adama Barrow to relinquish power before 2021.

If the ‘3 years Jotna’ group have the desire to usher in political change in December, let them engage those that wrote the MOU and sort it out with them.

They also have a right to form a political party and contest the next election otherwise they have no right whatsoever to put the Gambia at the edge of crisis by threatening a massive protest in December.

Besides, December is an important month for the Gambia. We have a lot of tourists coming to the Gambia around that time of the year.

There are so many families relying on the tourism sector for their survival.

We cannot have a bunch of people parading the streets to exercise a right that only puts a wedge on the economic prospects of the country.

I see this ‘3 years Jotna’ group as a cankerworm and in as much as I do not think they can force Barrow out, the planned protest when executed could significantly affect the country’s business prospects to some extent.

Ebou Ngum ,
Columbus Ohio

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