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Letters to the Editor

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Putting a stop to fossil fuels!

Dear editor,

The topic of climate change has become the order of the day with numerous debates and discussions about its effects, and solutions needed to tackle or mitigate it. Therefore, it is essential that we reflect our minds to the agents of climate change among which fossil fuel is not an exception. Fossil fuels are the most engaged produces in the 21st century with enormous projects and refineries. Due to this reason, The Gambia has made its intention clear to join the producers of fossil fuel with its limited resources.
This could be cited from The Point Newspaper release on Wednesday, July 05, 2017 which reads, “The Gambia is to start oil and gas exploration in 2018 as the government has issued a permit to FAR Limited, an exploration and development company, to drill oil and gas well located offshore Gambia.”

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Now that The Gambia is ready to engage in fossil fuel production, we must also be willing to embrace the repercussions as well. Because fossil fuels are created as a result of dead animal or rocks that are deep down the earth for many years ago, that are heated and rigged with sophisticated machines. This leads to the production of natural gas, oil and coal. All these three are productive and important for our daily living; since natural gas creates propane gas which is used for cooking, barbecuing, etc. Also, oil is being used to manufacture gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, etc. for the promotion transportation and electrical supplies. Additionally, coals support power plants which are common in countries like USA and Canada.

However, with all these advantages stipulated above – fossil fuels causes more harm than good. These are scientifically proven to be true. Among its negative effects are the following:

A. Non-renewable
Fossil fuels are not renewable energy which means once it is exhausted; it cannot be used anymore. This makes it un-renewable and wasteful.

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B. Health risk
Health is imperative to human, and fossil fuels are dangers to good health. They can cause chronic asthma, low-lungs and cardiovascular diseases.

C. Environmental destruction
Environments are easily destroyed by fossil fuels due to its hazardous effects. This hazard causes global warming, low-tides and rise in sea levels. Also, if fossil fuel erupts through an accident – it points to oil spills that results to water pollution; and thereby destroys or kills aquatic animals.

In conclusion, there are better means of creating energies that are beneficial without any long-term complications to the environments.

These alternatives are solar power, winds, tides and geothermal which are being used to create energies for transportation, electricity and other daily activities. These processes are much better, cheaper and healthier than fossil fuels; simply because they are renewable energy, and environmentally friendly. As a result, I strongly advise the Gambia government to take a keen attention on fossil fuels since they can be devastating to our health, environment and animal. Thus, put a stop to its usage and go in for alternatives provided above since they are renewable and efficient.

Muhammed Lamin Ceesay

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