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Letters to the Editor

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Eulogy for Sheikh Sidiya Ceesay
Dear editor,

The giant has retired into the belly of time through the narrow space of the silent grave. Impressions of his gentle personality, wise words, friendly gestures and inestimable righteous services and deeds will remain engraved. On our lonely bereaved minds written in an indelible Ink of brotherhood, camaraderie, the mutual respect that he had always craved.

Overlooking the general human pitfalls, the late Sheikh Sidiya Ceesay was a recipe for courtesy. A cornucopia of wisdom and paradigm of honesty. Allah willing, May his great clean soul receive the profusely given forgiveness of Allah in perfect solace and tranquility.
The essence of remembering our departed loved ones and cataloguing their heroic deeds is to emulate them progressively.

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To maintain and preserve the continuity of their legacy practically.
Failure to do that will amount to the betrayal of a sacred trust devolved upon us compulsorily. Sheikh Sidiya Ceesay was a big fallen tree and the birds are scattered as you see. No amount of tears can appease the emotions of sorrow.
I pray that we meet him in Jannatul Firdaus tomorrow. Allah, l pray to thee to forgive all his sins and overlook all our shortcomings.

By Sheikh Hama Jaiteh

Thank you Kombo Sillah Association
Dear editor,

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The Gunjur Development Association (GDA) would like to congratulate our partners in development Kombo Sillah Association UK (KSA), for successfully completing their Cultural and Fundraising Weekend, 3-4 August, 2018.
As we join you in saying farewell and thanks to members of your old board of trustees Buba Kasong Barrow, Bakary Touray, Lamin Touray, we also join you in welcoming your new trustees namely, Ismaila Sanyang, Lamin Jammeh, Lamin M Manjang, Buba Cox Touray, Ismila K Touray, Kaddy Jabang, Aminata Barrow, Ousman Indiana Touray, Ousman Barrow.
Your partnership with GDA in successfully rehabilitating Gunjur Health Centre earlier this year, is a lifetime commitment we shall never forget. KSA is an organisation many will emulate in Gambia, and we would like to thank you for dedicating your time and resources in making rural communities in Gambia advanced and desirable. Thank you.

The Executive
Gunjur Development Association

The American Empire and the the so-called international order
Dear editor,

The so-called international order is an American empire. It’s not like your normal empire of the ancient times. It’s a global network of financial and economic paradigm on top of which sits the petrodollar system.
Which means Countries around the world have to change their national currency into the US dollar to conduct international trade and commerce even when the transaction has nothing to do with the USA. Countries have to buy US Treasury bonds and keep their savings in the USA. The US treasuries constitute the liquidity of the global banking system.
That whole elaborate garbage called international order is built around the pork pie that is taught in universities that the paper money has to be backed by “something” that gives it an intrinsic value. Since the financial crisis of 2008, that bloody façade and charade has unraveled.
Everyone now knows that the US dollar is not backed by anything.
Anyone who tells you that Fiat paper money has to be backed by something to have value is telling you nonsense. No a single national currency is backed by anything around the world. That’s the biggest lie that has been exposed.

In fact, the so-called international order has been exposed to be one big Ponzi scheme that extorts tangible economic products from other countries for worthless pieces of paper with funny drawings on called money.
And now countries around the world are not having the phony money any longer except for the stupid countries in Africa and other so-called Third World countries.
The so-called international order has been laid bare to be seen as a mafia syndicate. Money doesn’t have to be backed by something to hold value.
The value that money has is the value printed on a piece of paper by the state.
Countries do not have to change their national currencies into the US dollar to conduct international trade and commerce.

The US is printing the dollar out of thin air to fund its public expenditures and to plunge countries into debt for denying them their right to print their own money.
Every country should be allowed to print its national currency out of thin air to fund its public expenditures.
Countries should conduct bilateral and multilateral trade and commercial transactions without having to use the US dollar. The so-called international order is exposed for the fraud that it is and different countries are developing their own bilateral and multilateral trading and commercial arrangements to free themselves from the rip-off so called international order.

The genie is out of the bottle and nothing can stop the dumping and the breakdown of the so-called international order. It’s only the stupid and backward governments in Africa that are always behind the curve. African governments are always the last to recognise the loser in the room. There’s no need for African governments to borrow money made out of thin air to fund their public expenditure needs.
African countries should make their own money made out of thin air just like China, the EU, Japan, the UK and the USA. To accelerate the demise of the global Ponzi scheme, African governments have to work with China to free themselves from the new form of slavery and colonialism called debt slavery.

The Chinese have freed themselves from having to live on foreign loans and grants and changing their national currency into another country’s currency to conduct international trade and commerce.
It’s up to the Africans to borrow a page from China’s book. That makes China Africa’s natural economic development ally. It’s stupid and counterproductive when stupid Africans question Chinese presence in Africa. It’s up to Africans to figure out their way into the future. China and Africa need each other.
The gloves are off for the biggest lie of centuries has been exposed.
We are now living in a multi-polar world.

Blame no one but yourself when you sit around and allow Trump to impose his stupid and futile financial and economic sanctions against your government.
Trump is a mad toothless dog that can only bark. But that is, if you don’t allow him to.

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang

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