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Letters to the Editor

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Re: First Lady Foundation investigates D33m transfer
Dear editor,
It’s the saboteurs trying to pin the president through his wife. We know the game some of these presidential aspirants are playing against President Barrow. The people who transferred that amount in the president’s wife’s foundation account did it only to discredit President Barrow and his wife. They are the very people near the corridors of power. Many people running around in the government today do not think the Barrow’s presidency should continue beyond one term, as if Barrow is not a Gambian with the same sovereign rights as them! So all this is a ploy. But again, its Barrow’s own fault. Why break an agreement you had with people who are more concerned about, and listening to an individual whose only ambition is about himself and no one else.

Name and address supplied but withheld upon request

Darboe’s interview on the 22nd anniversary of the UDP
Dear editor,
The message in general from Darboe in the interview was measured and targeted. It is always moving when Darboe invokes the memories of the UDP struggle under the Jammeh dictatorship.
People have lost their lives and many others suffered different forms of degrading inhumane treatment under the Jammeh dictatorship.

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The part of the interview where Darboe talked about what will happen to anyone who betrays the UDP was more intended for the targeted audience.
Darboe is spot on about the broad-based political support for the UDP in The Gambia.
And any betrayer will find out who the Gambian voters are in political awe of.
The interview is characteristic of Darboe and lacks drive and charisma.
And sometimes you can’t help but think if Darboe appreciates the political power that he wields in Gambian politics.

It was baffling when Darboe talked about personally knowing security personnel who perpetrated crimes against innocent Gambians and are still working for the government.
Well Mr Darboe, you are the vice president Of The Gambia and the victims of the Jammeh dictatorship would like to have their day in court.
And about anyone betraying the UDP, Mr Darboe, the UDP holds the keys in Gambian politics and your opposition to the coalition agreement is what is complicating the political terrain for the UDP.
UDP being the main political party in The Gambia should not be opposed to the coalition agreement.
Victims and families of the victims of the Jammeh dictatorship would have been better served and remembered when the security forces are weeded of the criminals who committed heinous inhumane crimes against innocent Gambians.
Darboe lacks passion and urgency in the interview to assert any political influence and muscle in government to shape the Gambian political transition.
It’s unconvincing when Darboe speaks like one of the ordinary members of the government.
Darboe should be more assertive and influential in the government as the vice president and the leader of the political party that has the most MPs in the National Assembly.
It was a pedestrian of an interview that lacks desire and vigour from the leader of the biggest political party in The Gambia.
Mr Darboe, you are not an ordinary member of the Barrow government.
Assert your political clout and influence the direction of the transitional government.
Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang


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Re: Physical Planning, up your ante…
Dear editor,
I write to commend your column, Private Eye for a very brilliant point. The writer wrote: “Last week President Barrow caused a political tsunami with his cabinet reshuffle. The Secretary General and commissioners at the Public Service Commission and the mandarins at the Personnel Management Office should put on their thinking caps and follow suit. The civil service leaves a lot to be desired. And please, stop blaming the Jammeh era. The civil service is not fit for purpose. It is full of square pegs in round holes because of political cronyism, nepotism and other forms of corruption. Let us narrow the scope of our criticism. Everywhere you go now in The Gambia, principally in the Kombo St Mary’s and West Coast regions, forests and bushes, fields and farmlands are being cleared for new homes. Land is being allocated, demarcated and homes are built without regard to even the most basic physical planning, land development and zoning considerations. Roads are too small and zigzagging all over the place. Homes eat up all the spaces without allocations for public parks and playgrounds, markets, schools, mosques, health centres or other communal amenities. It is madness everywhere. No control. Everyone doing what you want.

Everyday, a new “real estate” outfit is putting up shop at some street corner. It is about time government sets up and empanels a Land Commission and regulates these sprouting estate agencies just like it does forex bureaux.
If government fails to act now, it will have to act later and the price will be costly for the national exchequer, homeowners and the community. A stitch in time saves nine!”
I totally agree with the comment and I hope the concerned officials will take note and act expeditiously.
Sulayman Jallow
Sukuta Nema

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