Letters to the Editor


Adama Barrow and second term debate

Dear Editor,

I am seriously thinking about the mindset of a people with the divine grace of having one of his or her own as the president of the Gambia. It also raised posers about whether the nation has been this divided since the collapse of the coalition and the civil war between the Barrow Youth Movement the United Democratic Party. It is so sad to think that the same Adam Barrow who had a pan-Gambian endorsement in 2016 Coalition that ousted Yahya Jammeh is the same person his Gambians are struggling to force the rest of the country to support barely two years after his first election.


What could have happened? Could the problem be because the Adama Barrow presidency has been truly ineffectual in putting actions into the pledges the man made to the people when he sought their mandate two years ago? His supporters would readily answer this question by pointing at physical developments across the country. And can anyone see at the list and see that they are truly on ground. Adama Barrow too should be worried why almost everyone outside his political clan is decidedly against whatever he stands for. He should ask questions from people outside his circle of friends and acolytes. He should find out why people who put their everything into his ascendancy are now openly opposed to his second term or are at best evasive or reluctant about it.

He should find out why the Gambian Diaspora that took him as the symbol against dictatorship and hegemony are now almost against him. He should ask questions about whatever it is that is polarizing even his political party he belongs. He needs to find out and ask how to manage to keep his political base intact for his second term ambition in 2021.
There is so much division in the land and Adama should be worried except he prays to be the last president of the Gambia before 2021. The battle cries are too loud not to be audible. So, what is the problem: Is Adama the problem?

Mathew Jallow