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Letters to the Editor

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Manjagoes cannot be marginalized

Dear Editor

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Manjagoes should now organise themselves to take active part in the politics of this country to protect their interest and show their relevance in the society. They have over the years and repeatedly contributed to the development of this country. The Manjago migration started in the mid 1800 and they practically were in charge of moving the groundnuts from one town to the other for processing and for export.

Groundnuts was then the life blood of the economy. They contributed tremendously in the growth of the Gambian economy and were among the first community to propel the non-formal section of the economy by the Palm wine and Palm Oil trade. The first Gambian Captain of a Merchant ship was a Manjago. The Manjagoes contributed to the expansion and development of Kombo North and South.

When in the early 1920s the Manjagoes had serious problems with the (Mandinkas) of Bakau the then Colonial Secretary from Sierra Leone moved them from Old Jeshwang to Kombo South and from there they moved, family by family to other parts of the area and eventually to Kombo North.

They were the ones who cleared the bush in fact it was forest then full with wild animals and reptiles.

The forest had wolves and in some places Dragons.

Even as close to the city as Manjie Kunda there was said to be a Dragon by the Bridge but it was the Manjagoes who developed the area. Wi can now say the Manjagoes are not citizens. Those early Manjagoes settled and married indigenous Gambians, inter married got children who went to school and became teachers, and other professionals preparing other Gambian children and contributing to the development of the country’s economy and social fabric including sports and culture. The Manjagoes cannot be maginalized in this country.

George Gomez
Sancha Sulay Jobe

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