Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


The crude oil saga again

Dear Editor,

Nigeria is a very benevolent nation to The Gambia. Nigeria has been giving free crude oil to The Gambia since the days of Jawara to cover budget deficits. But ordinary Gambians never benefited from these wonderful gestures from Nigeria. We are not even informed of the supplies of these free crude oil.

This government is allegedly playing the same corrupt Jawara and Jammeh government practices of stealing these funds from the Gambian public.


It was the Alghali Commission that revealed the free supplies of crude oil to the Jawara government from Nigeria.

We’ll have to throw into jail some people on December 6th and freeze their assets and finances. We’ve got to make examples of the bad guys and position The Gambia on the road to accountable and transparent political governance.

The only difference between Jawara, Jammeh and the Barrow government is the killing spree of Jammeh.

However, Jammeh invested more in national development than the other two governments. The corruption, the lies and the deception are the same.

Someone’s got to be sent to prison as examples from the big offenders, not just the stupid security officers who killed their fellow poor souls.

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang


Re: Comium’s licences suspended

Dear Editor,

How do we manage the crisis at Comium GSM company? Is there any strong commitment from Comium to settle its debts?  What about the fate of the staff at Comium? How serious is the new investor/partner that Comium is talking about and what concrete plans do they have to improve the service level quality? I believe these are some of the things that should be put on the table in order to decide the fate of Comium.

Lamin Sawo

Dear Editor,

Comium never owed the former government. They invested in their business and were carrying on. They were able to pay their liabilities and dues. Why did they fail under the current government? Why are they unable to settle their debts? The minister of communication infrastructure has an obligation to the youths of this country. Any failure by him would tantamount to sacrificing the government and this will harm the country. This government is greedy. With all the millions of dalasis it receives on behalf of the country, it still wants more money.  Please Mr Minister, allow the company to operate for the betterment of Gambian people. The youths are getting fed up.

MlR Badjie

Serekunda, Kanifing Municipality

Re: GGC plans to start rice, cashew businesses

Dear Editor,

GGC, please concentrate on facilitating groundout buying and processing until it is normalised then you can think of embarking on buying and retailing rice. That is what led to the collapse of the Gambia Produce Marketing Board. Such soundbites are used to gain false popularity for clueless politicians. Remember what Jammeh did with Japanese rice and flour donated to poor Gambians.

Mbemba Dahaba


Dear Editor,

GGC, have you ever considered the cost of producing a tonne of rice and buying a tonne of processed rice? As at now farmers are burdened by production due to cost. I hope better producer price will be an incentive for increased production.

Darboe K S Yamadou


Dear Editor,

GCC buying cashew is a good move. Indians have controlled the cashew market for years to the detriment of Gambian farmers. In one season they change the price per kilo from D30 to D35 then to D42 then down to D25 depending on how much they want or how much they can afford. Let’s stop the exploitation of our farmers by foreigners.

Jerreh Sanyang


Dear Editor,

The communist government of China needs our continent but it does not want the groundnuts and cashews of Africa. Africa as a continent should activate the Africa free trade area and bring down the trade borders and facilitate the movement of goods and services. That will be the solution to our problem. That is what the West did. Our leaders have to industrialise Africa!

Omar Sisa

Breisach Am Rhein,

Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany