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Letters to the Editor

When shall Gambia gov’t bring the killer(s) of Haruna Jatta to book?

Dear editor,

Huruna Jatta, a native of Kanilai village and a precious soul of The Gambia, was allegedly gunned down my Ecomig-Senegalese soldier in a peaceful protest staged by the people of Kanilai to show their discontentment in the high presence of Ecomig forces in Kanilai.

However, the Government of the Gambia under the leadership of President Adama Barrow is mute on Haruna’s tragedy. The last reaction from the government is to deny the fact that it was a peaceful protest asserting the protesters were armed with “traditional weapons” even though it was widely confirmed that the protesters were not armed. No body from the government condemns Haruna’s tragedy.

Adama Barrow and his political executive promised Gambians accountability and transparency in their governance and protect and uphold the Constitution of the Republic of the Gambia. Accountability and transparency are key prerequisites of a genuine democracy as Karl Marx asserts “there cannot be a democracy without social justices.” In a democratic state justice is equally served.

The government promised to support the victims of former president, Yahaya Jammeh’s brutality. The alleged killers of Solo Sandeng are taken to court all in the efforts for justice and accountability, but why is the government mute on the tragic death of Haruna Jatta? When shall the government bring the killers of Haruna Jatta to book?

No matter who is involved in the killing of Haruna, justice must be served as all persons in the Gambia are accountable under the laws of the Gambia. Gambians are patiently waiting to see how this untouched and ignored case will be treated by a government of transparency and accountability.

Sanna Badjie
University of The Gambia


Zimbabwe: when the snake bites itself, mongoose must not rejoice

Dear editor,


The military’s action in Zimbabwe is a process by which a snake de-skin itself while in the process injuring itself but this does not indicate or entail citizens to rejoice because Zimbabwe is still the jungle where the snakes reign.

Citizens mistook and misunderstood the military action for national “coup de tat” even though it was clearly specified that the action was aimed at weeding the criminals around the commander in chief.
Citizens’ action to rejoice and celebrate was a tragic mistake because the people meant to rejoice are the Generals and their faction they favour the most.
Two years ago Joyce Mukuru whose husband got arsenic death was purged from the party and ZDF despite Joyce’s liberation credentials and second in command in the party and government, no intervention took place.

When Mnangagwa is removed the military intervenes.
The press conference or national address on the night of Sunday by Robert Mugabe addressing the nation must teach Zimbabweans a lesson that soldiers were not and are not against their leader but removing elements or bad branches of the party tree.

To expect that Zimbabwe will see the much anticipated change is fouling. Mugabe is going nowhere and the action of the military has empowered and injected more muscles in Robert Mugabe because now he knows how he can seal the cracked plans and renew.

The Generals from ZDF who undertook the operation to disgrace and humiliate Mugabe and his wife must brace up for further poisoning if not mysterious disappearance.
Robert Mugabe is a queer tactician; his game always harms others but serves himself.
If General Chiwenga and his juniors had issues with Mugabe they could find other channels of negotiation not how they have humiliated Mugabe. They will be in for heavy consequences.
Zimbabwe Defence Force and the citizens will live to regret what they have done. You don’t try a “coup de tat”, you do it regardless of repercussions or implications.

Mugabe was supposed to be removed once and for all if there was need for change and hope.
Seeing the “coup de tat” actors presiding over the press conference with the man they house arrested is a grave mistake.

This is Grace Mugabe, Robert Mugabe and “G40” camp victory because the reconciliation that Mugabe preached will mean purging and punishing all those from “Team Lacoste” and the entire citizens behind the “move of redemption”.

Allowing Mugabe to remain the president of Zimbabwe after the “18th November Movement” will render citizens in more difficult and dangerous circumstances and danger.
One by one all who advocated for this humiliation will be humiliated by the tactician till Robert Mugabe’s dream of putting his wife or children in power are realized.

AU, SADC and other stakeholders must look out for the destruction of what is regarded as hope in Zimbabwe.
What happened to Oshewokunze, Benard Chidzero, Solomon Mujuru, Joyce Mujuru, Joshua Mkomo, John Mkomo the current health condition of Morgan Tsvangirai and the removal of Emmerson Mnangagwa are the true characters of Robert Mugabe.

He will teach you reconciliation when he does exactly the opposite. He will preach unity when in actual sense he divides. He will speak politely when behind the scenes he is cruel.
37 years is long enough for Zimbabwe to keep suffering.
When you want to kill a snake “cut the head” Mugabe was supposed to be removed henceforth not play kid gloves with him.
Revolution has no formula and change has no method.
Zimbabwe deserve better.


Saunders Jumah

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