Letters to the Editor


Caricaturing scholars shall equal to
provoking Islam: Desist from it now!

Dear editor,

For some time now, Imam Fatty and the Supreme Islamic Council have been the subjects of social media caricatures. They have suffered serious character defamation in the hands of few misguided elements representing themselves as human rights activists and defenders. And all is about their preaching to Muslims regarding the position of scholars on the status of the Ahmadis within the Islamic perimeter.



Society including these misguided elements should learn that scholars, as representatives of the Prophet, have a duty to inform, disseminate, clarify and advise on matters relating to Islam. And caricaturing them for performing this noble duty assigned to them by Allah and his Prophet shall equal to nothing less than provoking the Prophet himself and the Islamic religion.


Unfortunately, hypocrites and misguided elements, who cannot even differentiate their left and right, continue to hide behind so-called democracy to post rubbish against the ‘exemplary characters’ and ‘dignified members’ of the Islamic society. They fabricate false allegations against these humble preachers just to reduce them before their followers and the society. This is unacceptable and provoking. Hence these useless members of the society involved in this unethical act must be condemned and shown their limitations. Now!


In addition, those making these false allegations, caricatures and character defamation against these highly respectable religious personalities must be reminded that scholars are representatives of the Prophet on earth. Hence defaming and caricaturing them for performing their noble duty with intention of reducing them before society shall equal to provoking Islam. And therefore, they must desist from the practice now.


But while Muslims must not forget that Prophet also suffered from similar kinds of intimidations, caricatures and false labeling from the hypocrites of his generation, we must not remain silent about these evil campaigns designed to destroy the integrity of highly honoured scholars. So we must advise and condemn those involved in it.


However, if they refuse to listen to advice and persist with their evil campaigns, then their matters should be left to Allah for redress. For sure, they will not succeed to undignify people honoured by Allah, as he who Allah raised up can never be brought down by the devil.


Sulayman GagigoTabokoto

Barrow has right to defend his administration

Dear editor,

There was nothing divisive about the president’s statement. It was a recollection of a historical fact that he bestowed NO heroism on himself or the UDP. He said the CSOs were nowhere to be found: FACT! He said even within the UDP, they tried approaching some ‘intellectuals’ and none was available: FACT!


It is expected that when the people run to cry and point fingers at your administration accusing them of attempting to bring back dictatorship, the Administration reacts and rubbishes that if indeed that is not what they are doing. Nobody is telling the CSOs or even private citizens to be quiet. If your role is to criticize and hold an entity accountable, that entity does have right to defend itself and espouse its undertakings, even if that means strongly pushing back. The president asked a very legitimate question of the absence and failure of institutions and people, and strong rebuttal of an unfounded fear-mongering in the name of vigilance. That is his and his government’s responsibility to say ‘they are raising false alarms. Jammeh or his ways is NOT coming back.’


The president is NOT withdrawing anything. He stated an obvious fact.

Pata Saidykhan