Power to the People


The defeat inflicted on Yahya Jammeh and his regime in December of 2016 was long in coming and was from the masses of this country. The ordinary people of this country had suffered enough at the hands of the previous government.

They had lost their voices and could not take part in the running of their country as they saw people arrested and disappeared for simply speaking out against injustice. For this reason, many people faced the challenges in silence.

However, when they reached the ‘point of no return’, they decided to vote Yahya Jammeh out of office. The need and resilience of the masses compelled the opposition parties to come together and form a coalition and present one candidate. The people backed them and supported their candidate.


Fast forward Election Day, the people turned out in large numbers to cast their votes. In that, the former president was dealt a heavy blow which defenestrated him and his regime. People then started to have the right, zeal and courage to speak their minds and offer their opinions on the way their country is run.

Thus, after the election and change of government, citizens continue to participate in the democratisation process. Citizens write and speak on issues affecting them and offer advice to the government.

This stance of the citizens is nonpartisan and as such, Gambians have themselves to thank for the change and the ability to participate in the governance of their country. No politician or political party can claim this victory alone.

Citizens have demonstrated that power belongs to them.