Letters to the Editor


Is the law banning
plastic bags repealed?

Dear editor,

National Environment Agency is an agency mainly designed to protect and enhance the environment and reduce pollution of air. Globally, the air, land, sea and water are contaminated chemical pollutants which constitutes a dangerous threat to human life and health, this warranted the ministry to come up with a piece of bill banning the sales of plastic bags.



Schools have environment studies as a subject in the school curriculum. Basically, water is life and of course water use is twined to the standard of living.


Mathematically, whenever the standard of living increases, obviously the amount of water use does too. The NEA should be commended for thorough, perfect, authentic, fantastic and standard research of post mortem on plastic bags both economically and scientifically before being legislated.


The law banning plastic bags been introduced by the president and the National Assembly only came to be defied by hawkers and others. Has the National Assembly repealed the ban on plastic bags laws? The Authority and National Environment Agency need to explain to the public.


Mr Koli Mbake
Tel: 9718620/2211104

Dangers of Groupthink

Dear editor,

According to the underlying logic of the premise that two heads are better than one, I find it puzzling that Cabinet has expressed government’s wish to revert to a previous dispensation under which councillor and mayoral elections were held on the same day, and government’ initiation of a process to bring its wish into reality. Has anyone thought about the logistic nightmare that is likely to ensue, considering the unprecedented number of aspirants to elected office?

R R Jones