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Dembadu carnival, cultural festival Friday

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Press release

The annual Dembadu carnival and cultural festival is scheduled for Friday 02th to Saturday 03rd March 2018 in Sukuta.

The festival has endless capacity to showcase our culture and in equal measure to enhance cooperation and understanding among the different ethnic groups in Sukuta and beyond.
The annual carnival and cultural festival whose theme this year is reconciliation, development, peace and security, is a local initiative by Sukutarians in the Gambia and those in the Diaspora with the following objectives:

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(a) To recognize, celebrate and appreciate all aspects of our culture, and social lives.
(b) To keep alive and safeguard the intangible cultural heritage of the people of Sukuta,
(c) To promote Sukuta Dembadu as a tourist destination; locally, regionally and internationally,
(d) To provide a platform for the local organizations and groups to showcase their respective talents, market and sell their products and services in a cross-cultural way.
(e) To provide a forum for discussing matters affecting the community such as health, education, environment etc.

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