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Letters: TRRC overseas tour, another waste of resources


The TRRC, consisting of ten (10) representatives, is set to take their turn to travel around Europe and US. If this does not leave a bad taste in your mouth, you haven’t heard of the the CRC”s twelve (12) man team that spent close to two months criss-crossing Europe and the US. In both cases, only two people or preferably none, would have been more beneficial to the country as a whole. To begin with, the CDC got no information in the diaspora that they couldn’t get using the new global communication medium; Google.

Is the tens of millions of dalasis wasted on the CRC delegation worth it? Absolutely no. Not when pregnant women are transported on donkey carts to hospitals miles away.

As for the TRRC, they’re talking about diaspora engagement.

What the hell is that supposed to mean? This is a matter for those killers who fled Gambia.

With that, all TRRC needed to do is write to authorities here and seek their repatriation.

This will save funds needed for boreholes to provide clean water in rural villages. STOP THE WASTE.
Mathew K Jallow






Open Letter to Minister of
Interior Yankuba Sonko

Dear Sir,
Let me highlight to you Mr. Sonko that the Gambia is your motherland and by any moral, legal and political standards you must serve none other than the Gambia and her people.

No elected official from the President to the Mayor and indeed no citizen should be worthy enough for you to abuse the rights and dignity of your fellow citizens. It is already an invaluable honour and privilege to be appointed a Minister purposely to serve your people.

Therefore, cherish that sacred duty and serve your people than to allow your fellow human being to make you a pawn to abuse your fellow human beings. No position, no fame and indeed no material gains should make you sell your soul to your fellow human being.

For far too long you have served the selfish interest of only one or few elected public officials to the detriment of your people.

Let this appointment be that unique opportunity to resurrect yourself and place yourself on the path to defend your own people and their Constitution.

The ball is in your court., Full letter coming.

Madi Jobarteh
Boraba village

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