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Letters: What is in your hands?

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Dear editor,

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There is a story in both the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible about Moses’ meeting with God at the Mountain. God asked him “what is in your hands?” And Moses responded “a staff”. It was this staff, an ordinary looking staff, which Moses used to defeat the magicians of the Pharaoh as well as free the Israelites from the stranglehold of the Egyptians. To the Land of Canaan, he led them.

May be in these trying times, when energies are at their lowest ebb, hope dissipating, death callously staring us in the face and the entire humankind, endowed with all the knowledge of Science, at the mercy of a virus which is as mysterious as it can be deadly, God is also asking us the same question He asked Moses “what is in your hands?”

Look at what is in your hands. It could be a pen, a microphone, a laptop, a mobile phone, a loudspeaker, anything. God is asking that we use whatever is in our hands to help in the “liberation” of our people from the torment of COVID-19 and its devastating impact. Use whatever is in your hands.

Don’t underestimate the importance of what you have in your hands, and what impact it can bring. They say “if you think small is insignificant, you have not been in a dark room with a mosquito”.

Only collective, collaborative and coordinated approach, supported by individual responsibility and galvanised by leadership with a vision and a carefully, well-thought out plan in hand can defeat Covid-19 or drastically lessen its devastating impact on the people.


Njundu Drammeh

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