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Letters: What will the President do about NIA?

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Dear editor,

The visit by the TRRC to the headquarters of the National Intelligence Agency has exposed gross misconduct and tampering with evidence. Yet it is several days now and the Office of the President has uttered no word and took no action about the state of affairs at the NIA. Why?
NIA is under the Office of the President. Therefore the presidency takes full responsibility for what happens inside and by the NIA. Following the ousting of tyranny out of our country and knowing the abominable role The NIA played in that dark chapter of our history it is therefore utterly and painfully shocking that anyone will take the issue of the NIA for granted!
Apparently none is doing that more than the President of The Republic himself who was elected by the people with a mandate to protect the fundamental rights of Gambians which includes to ensure that public institutions and officials are held accountable.

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Amazingly by failing to address the gross misconduct by the DG of the NIA in concealing and wiping evidence that concerns the very lives of Gambians it means the President has now made himself a party to such gross violations and negligence of duty thus becoming a threat to national security! Otherwise why should it take the President even 24 hours to interdict, if not sack the entire leadership of the NIA for their abuse of office?
One would have thought that the President would have closed down the NIA the first day he took his oath of office! But not only did he fail to take that right decision rather he went ahead to allow the demolition and remodeling of the structures and to leave the NIA in tact with the same leadership and rank and file!
Everyone knows that the NIA was an abominable place where Gambians were insulted, beaten, electrocuted, stabbed, slapped, raped and killed! Yet the President and the leadership of the NIA decided to erase that evidence of their atrocious history by changing the structures!
Where did the resources come that were used to demolish and construct new structures? Who approved the destruction and construction of buildings in that premises which is a state property? In other words did the DG NIA seek Government approval before pulling down any structure or building any structure within a public premises as required by law?
No one has authority to unilaterally sell, destroy or change a Government property of any kind without first seeking approval from the right authority? Did the DG send any request to the President seeking to demolish and construct new structures within the NIA offices? If so did the President give approval or not? Both the President and DG Sowe must answer to this question?
Now that TRRC raised genuine concerns what will Pres. Barrow do about the NIA for their gross misconduct in tampering with evidence?
There must accountability!

Madi Jobarteh

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