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Letters:The cruelty of man

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Dear editor,

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The testimonies presented to the TRRC so far, has shown how cruel man could be to his fellow man, when a brother, friend, relative or colleague could shake hands with a broad smile with you today and in the next day you are falsely accused, wrongly testified against you in court, participate in torturing you or even killing you. All the atrocities committed in this country were committed by our own Gambian brothers who at one point you might have helped to better their lives.

The testimony of Batch Samba Jallow made me shed tears not only what he said but how would one feel getting to hear your father, uncle, son, grandson, grandfather, a husband and a loved one narrating such a dreadful ordeal in the hands of the very people that ought to protect your liberty, freedom and inherent human dignity. The process of reconciliation must not only be the effort of the TRRC but perpetrators must accept their crimes because they don’t have a choice but to repent with remorse and said never again shall they be complicit with anything that has to do with exposing people to any form of degrading human treatment. May God soften our hearts.

Lamin Fatty

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