Lotto makes another big payout, expands to NBR


However, 72 players won 4 correct numbers each taking home D1,500. In the 3 numbers category some 531 players won themselves two tickets to play lottery again while 2,941 people won one correct number. Each of them have been compensated with a ticket to play lotto this week. 


Meanwhile, Lotto is happy to announce that it has expanded its operation to cover the North Bank region. “We are happy to inform our beloved people in  the North Bank Region that we will have agents in the region by the end of the week and Barra will be the center for the agents,” said Mamadi Ceesay, sales and marketing director.



He thanked the customers again this week for being patient during the maintenance on the ACE cable, which resulted in delays on their devices. 


“But we are happy for the support, and we hope people continue to win at the same time we are hoping to see someone hit the 6 numbers. We want someone to get the D1,000,000 prize,” he added.


One of this week’s 5 correct winners Oumie Sey seen in the picture, said she played a coupon (10 tickets) at D150 which won her 5 correct numbers as well as four correct   numbers, giving her a total of D51,500.


Here she is seen receiving her money as CEO Ba S Jabbie and sales director Mamadi Ceesay look on.