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Lotto PMU donates to Banjul Cultural Group


Speaking at a ceremony held at the head offices of Lotto PMU Gambia Ltd along the Mamadi Maniyang Highway, Mbissin Touray, marketing manager of Lotto PMU Gambia Ltd said: “This donation has been made necessary as part of our corporate social responsibility as an institution. We want to play a positive role in anything that has to do with culture, youth entrepreneurship and development. This is why we did not hesitate when we received a request from the Banjul Cultural Group to contribute to their cause. I think this money will go a long way in boosting their preparation to participate in the 20th anniversary of the July 22nd Revolution. We are all stakeholders in development and my institution is here to support the development activities of the country. 

Pa Ebou Sanneh, manager of Banjul Cultural Group, said the donation could not have come at a better time as his group prepares to take part in events marking 20 years of President Jammeh’s leadership.

“We are honoured to be receiving this donation as it will go a long way in contributing to our cause. It is true that we were not expecting this. I was glad when the manager called us and said our request had been accepted. This is coming at a time when things are very tough financially but Lotto PMU has been a very genuine partner in development since it started operations. Its contributions in national development have impacted positively on the lives of many Gambians and we thank them very much for coming to our aid. In the long run, we will see what we can also do for them.”

Nyawuru Komma, head of publicity of Lotto PMU Gambia Ltd said his institution was founded with a difference as it is Gambian-owned. He stated that all the employees are Gambians which accentuates their desire to contribute their quota to national development.

“It is incumbent on us as part of our social responsibilities to contribute to positive causes including cultural events. Whatever we do as an institution, the collective national interest overrides and everyone has been seeing the work we have been doing. We are not even two months old but we have been able to make our presence felt and I think this is why Gambians should patronise us.” 


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