Majanko asks Barrow to sack Minister Sanneh


By Mafugi Ceesay Majanko Samusa, the leader of the National Convention Party and Nominated National Assembly Member Wednesday told The Standard in an exclusive that President Barrow should have sacked Amadou Sanneh, the former Finance minister for causing the rejection of the supplementary appropriation bill at the parliament. “It is only the timing that caused the rejection of the supplementary bill. It is two weeks to the end of the year and the standing order says at least 40 days. Despite its rejection, the Finance minister clearly states it will be coming back in 2019,” Samusa said. The outspoken politician stated: “If I was the president, Amadou Sanneh will never be in my cabinet, for someone who presented a fake budget to the National Assembly cannot be trusted. This is why Barrow should also sack or remove him from his cabinet. Sanneh failed the whole Gambia by engaging in such act. “Barrow should remove Sanneh from his cabinet and should not have confidence in him as nobody is indispensable in the country.” The Baddibu politician accused Amadou Sanneh of “messing up the country by presenting a fake budget” for the year 2017/18 noting that Mambury Njie inherited the supplementary appropriation bill. He said that all what Minister Sanneh said in the last budget – government vehicle policy, the reduction in rice price by 10%, salary increase by 50% – could not be implemented. “I am reminding Amadou Sanneh, Honourable Minister, you came to this House in December and we approved the budget. Is it that you did not put your house in order? You came to this august assembly and made pronouncements in your budget speech, until now nothing happened. It is a criminal act. Ministers should not come to the august house and deceive us by presenting a fake budget,” he fumed. He said President Barrow “is lenient but that should not make him compromise at his own detriment and that of the nation.” While he tongue bashed the former Finance now Trade minister, Samusa praised the current Finance minister Mambury Njie for being “more honest compared to… It’s because of his honesty. He does not want what has happened in 2017/2018 to reflect in the 2019 budget that is why he wants everything to come to an end and that’s why he brought the bill before the parliament so that it can be accepted and let the sleeping dogs lie down and this is what we expect.”]]>