Man, 23, needs overseas treatment


By George Bah

Omar Jallow, a 23-year-old man and a native of Nema Kunku, is in a critical state battling with liver cancer.
Omar told The Standard after he felt an excruciating pain around his ribs. He was taken to a nearby clinic in Lamin where he was diagnosed of cancer. “I have never felt such pain. It was just overwhelming and I nearly fainted,” he said.

He was then referred to MRCG where he had a minor operation but the pain never subsided.
Omar then left for Dakar where he was admitted in two major hospitals who, after doing their best without improvement, ultimately recommended an urgent overseas treatment.
Omar’s mother told The Standard that they cannot afford his son’s overseas trip. “I fear losing my child,” she said.


She called on the government and philanthropists to help them take her son outside for treatment.
Omar is currently in traumatic condition at his mother’s house in Nema Kunku.
Anyone willing to help save Omar’s life can contact this email [email protected]