Man fakes robbery to hide embezzlement at forex bureau


One Abou Latif Baldeh has been arrested and is likely to be charged with giving false information and stealing after police discovered he staged a robbery to hide his own alleged embezzlement of D41, 000 from AD Forex Bureau where he works as a cashier.

According to Police Spokesman Spt David Kujabi, Baldeh, 22, visited the police at Senegambia to report that he was pepper-sprayed and robbed by an unidentified customer. Spt Kujabi said the police refereed him to hospital for checking but the results indicated that there was no trace of spray anywhere on his body or in his system.

He said the police then became suspicious, especially after his boss, an in-law of his, complained that some D41, 000 was missing and he was not answering calls to come and explain.
“After interrogations, the man confessed that he himself bought the spray from Serekunda market to set the scene of robbery. He also confessed going on a shopping spree with the money at the Trade Fair,” Kujabi said.


Baldeh remains in police custody.