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Market vendors decry inadequate spaces

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By Aminata Ceesay

Vendors at the Bakau market have expressed frustration at the lack of adequate spaces to do their businesses, saying it is hampering hopes of sufficient profit making.
Mariama Fatty, a fish vendor said: “We need proper storage to keep our fishes from spoiling in order to sell it the next day, because fish does not last long without ice and it will be a huge loss when the fish gets spoilt. The most important thing is enough space to sell these fishes.

“Some of my colleagues do not have space to sell in this market and have to travel far to another market and sell, which is very difficult and requires a lot of money for the transportation of the fish.”
Ousman Sowe, meat vendor said the market is too congested.

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“Some customers cannot access or reach some of the places due to the tightness and the population of vendors fixing tents or stalls is on the increase, despite the limited space in the market.”
Mai Fatty, a vegetable seller said because the market is congested, “some people do even step on my products when they are trying to move from one vendor to another.

“I don’t have a stall, neither a table, so I use mat to display my products and I have no option but continue selling here because I live not far from this market. In fact, if I choose to go to another market with larger space, it will surely cost me”.

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