Mediocrity unacceptable in post-Jammeh era- CRR Governor


By Omar Bah

The governor of Central River Region, Sulayman Barry, has said that the bad ways of doing business and work during the Jammeh era are over.

Speaking to The Standard in an exclusive interview, Barry whose region host the biggest rice production projects in The Gambia, added: “There is an urgent need for greater commitment to service in this post- Jammeh era. It should be either you work as expected or you leave”.


Barry further said the atmosphere of fear that many used as excuse is no longer exists under the new administration. “So no margin of error will be accepted from any one, not even me as a governor”, he said.
On agriculture, Governor Barry said government is committed to reviving the sector to its “golden days”, adding that Jahally rice plantation will be among the key strategic areas the government will focus on to achieve the dream of reducing the burden of importing rice.

“The political will is there for the government to achieve all these targets, but we will need the patience of Gambians… We are aware of the potentials we have in CRR to even feed the entire nation. We will engage the central government on this and hopefully things will be a little different in the new dispensation,” he concluded.