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Messages deleted

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 I put my heart on a plate

 Baiting people in the street

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 Looked for a buyer for so long

 Anyone who came close saw a fault

 A fault that I didn’t create

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 But here she comes grabbing it

 Regardless of the consequence; 

the pain involved

 From then; a beady eye on each other

 As we moved life around; struggling further

 Enjoying the wonders of life; feelings that were cherished

 We spent too much nice time together

 Unearthing the beauties of each other

 Wishing we never separate; inextricably glued

 Looking at your slim form; 

a distinctive rolling gait

 On our every assignation; day or night

 We visualized the corsage on your waist

 The droopy white; blinding wedding gown

 The widely envied; beautiful iridescent confetti

 As we tread on the cathedral steps

 Majestically moving hand-in-hand; 

heading to the altar

 As our hips buffet; stealing smiles along

 Dreamland to present; the relationship soured

 As you squint and pout; filled with the green-eyed monster

 The feelings; I mean deep ones vanished

 Our zest for each other completely faded

 The writings on the wall; 

the messages in the sky cleared

 Everything is now replaced 

with distance; the hated

 What do all these signs; all the alarms bespeak?


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