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Milling Corporation closure inevitable amid gov’t stance, financial difficulty

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By Mariam Sankanu

The Gambia Milling Corporation said it intends to make a number of redundancies and may even close down as it faces “financial difficulty” and “lack of proper support” from relevant authorities.
In a letter sent to The Standard, the company, located in Banjul, blamed its troubles on government decision allowing the importation of flour despite the legal gazette that has been in place, the result of which has led to a huge drop in sales.
“Furthermore, the company has thus far failed to receive the proper support from the relevant authorities, therefore it has become increasingly likely that the company will cease its operations as a going concern.”
It said after several attempts to offer possible alternative solutions, along with a number of other cost-cutting actions, regrettably, the company can no longer sustain itself and winding-up of its operations has commenced.

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“This therefore means the services of the remaining employees shall be terminated by way of redundancy.”
The corporation’s notice, which is in effect, will last for a period of six months.
“During this period, if there are significant changes in the government’s position that will lead to improvement in the market or trading conditions, the company will re-engage the selected workers with a view to maintaining or re-hiring them.”

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