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Most ministries did not do well because…

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By Juldeh Njie

The director of procurement, Ministry of Finance and Economics Affairs Omar B Baldeh has said that the recent internal audit report has shown that most ministries did not do well due to procurement related issues.
“The audit report for most ministries is not pleasant and about 60% of all the queries are coming from procurement related issues,” Omar B Baldeh said.

Director Baldeh said in order to remedy the situation this year, there is need to build capacity in certain areas to increase the awareness in the procurement regime.
He added that there is need to understand the rules and regulations governing the procurement through consultation and collaboration among the suppliers and contractors.

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Meanwhile, Tejan Jobe, secretary major tender board MoFA, said experience suggests that procurement is one area in the public management system that could make or break a government because the impact of procurement on the economy is becoming more visible.
“Therefore, we are required to remind ourselves always that to build our nation we must exceed our expectations,” Jobe added.

He said over 60% of government recurrent and development budget is procurement related and that public procurement accounts for up to 70% of imports.
He added that any improvement in the public procurement system can have a direct and beneficial effect on the overall economic situation.

“A sound public procurement system, managed by true and competent professionals is therefore an imperative for a healthy and continuing national development”.
He made these remarks during a three-day procurement training for the procurement actors organised by the director of procurement MoFA in collaboration with United Development Fund.

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The aim of the workshop, according to the officials, is to sharpen the skills and competence in developing the procurement plan and to also bring suppliers and procurement offices to interact for effective implementation of the procurement plan.

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