‘Our vision is to provide quality and affordable health service’


By Sheikh Alkinky Sanyang

The Officer-In-Charge of Kwinella Health Centre has disclosed that their vision in the health sector is to provide quality and affordable health services for all.
In an exclusive interview with this paper recently at Kwinella Health Facility in LRR during the launch of a borehole project that is to provide water for both the health facility and the local community, Baboucarr Sarr said “Team Kwinella Health Staff” are committed and willing in the provision of accessible and affordable quality health services at point of demand, especially for women and children, irrespective of their ethnical or religious affiliations.

A healthy population, he said is a wealthy population, therefore this triggers their commitment at the only health Centre in Kiang Central District, adding that they will do what it takes to improve the health status and livelihood of these people through implementing such small complementary projects.


Sarr, who took the position of OIC at Kwinella Health centre in February 2017, registered his gratitude to all their donors for complementing Government`s efforts through their immense contributions to the development of the facility but more special to “Makoi Gambia” through their national coordinator Mafaal Saidy for sponsoring the drilling and establishment of the borehole for utilization by both the health centre and the local communities, and the tilling of the labour ward, OPD, Admission ward, two bathrooms and two toilets.
In addition, Makoi Gambia further provided the Health Centre with three heavy-duty solar panels, two over-head water tanks with a capacity of 500 litres each, computers, B/P machines, baby clothes, rehabilitation of waste man-holes, etc. etc.

As health service providers, individuals and as a population, he said we all wish and strive to provide and receive high quality health care services that are effectively coordinated, emphasizing that all hands must be put on deck in the realization and achievement of our dreams and set visions.
“We continue to be responsive to health prevention, promotion, treatment, rehabilitation and control of existing and emerging health issues bearing a strong recognition that a healthy nation is a major contributor to the acceleration of socio economic growth of a Nation,” he said.

“We will strive to continually reduce the burden of illness and to improve the health of this local people, but I equally called on the people too to seek for early medical advice from the Health Centre whenever they feel sick and not to wait until when it is too late, as delay in treatment results to more complications,” he posited, adding that villages and communities far from the facility and face transport difficulties should make sure to report to the health Centre for timely intervention.

Sarr urged local structures including Village Development Committees (VDCs), youth & women groups and organization/kafos to intervene in mitigating this problem of evacuating the sick to the health facility.
Calling on the general populace as the beneficiaries of the health facility, OIC Sarr revealed that early and timely access to health services improve the likelihood of disease screening and early detection, the management of chronic illness, and the effective treatment of acute conditions.

Sarr disclosed that they will continue to complement Government`s efforts to strengthen policies and positive options available to achieve stable health care coverage of individuals and families within the district of Kiang Central and beyond.

In conclusion, he called on the trained nurses and doctors from Kiang Central to give back to their communities by organizing free-clinic-day exercise and awareness creation, where services and lectures would be rendered to the needy community.