Ministry warns unruly students

Ministry warns unruly students


Press release, MoBSE, Banjul – The Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) has observed with grave concern that students from different schools, most of them in their school uniforms, converge on a regular basis every Friday afternoon and on other occasions, in the vicinity of  ‘Traffic Light’ along Kairaba Avenue.

What is even more disturbing is the increasing number by the week, although the ministry has engaged heads of schools whose students were observed to have formed the majority to that effect. Car racing by students is also becoming increasingly rampant and of equal concern.

The ministry wishes to inform students to refrain with immediate effect, from all forms of convergence within the neighbourhood of ‘Traffic Light’ and by extension, all gatherings in large numbers elsewhere, that are not part of curricular activities more so, without the authorisation of their school management.


The ministry solicits the full support of heads of schools, school management committees, boards, parents, guardians and the general public in the preparation of our future leaders into responsible and law-abiding citizens.