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Mobile phone ringtones, the Qur’an and azaan

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The trend of having the azaan, recitation of Qur’an and nasheeds as a ringtone has become common. Is this permissible? The Qur’an was not revealed to be a ringtone nor was the azaan prescribed to alert one for the mundane task of receiving a call. At times, people who have such ringtones forget to put their mobile off or on silent mode; as a result, it rings in the toilet. This is a gross disrespect to the azaan and the Noble Qur’an. Allah has blessed this ummah with the azaan as a call towards the great ibadah of salaah; to cut oneself off from all worldly affairs and proceed to the masjid to engage in the worship of Allah alone. The Noble Qur’an was revealed to be recited, listened to attentively and to take lesson and guidance from it.

It is prohibited to use musical tones and music/songs as ringtones. Therefore, those who use music/songs as ringtones are in no way justified by saying that they use such ringtones to avoid showing disrespect to the azaan and recitation of the Noble Qur’an. Some of these ringtones contain vulgar and explicit lyrics. Some take pleasure in listening to such ringtones; others even dance to it. This is clearly violating the law of Allah Ta’ala and one doing so is sinful.

As an alternative, one should use a standard ringtone (which is not musical), vibration, beeps, a voice recording or sounds of, for example, water flowing, birds chirping et cetera. After all, the purpose of the tone is to alert one of incoming calls, and only lasts for a few seconds.

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Related to the subject; another discrepancy which has crept into our society is the Noble Qur’an being recited in the vehicle while the driver and the passengers engage in idle talk. This is a grave disrespect to the Noble Qur’an. When the Qur’an is recited, complete attention should be given to its recitation.

Allah states in the Holy Qur’an: “And when the Qur’an is recited, listen attentively and remain silent so that you may be showered with the Mercy (of Allah).” Surah A’raaf v.204

In conclusion, the Quran should be shown utmost reverence as it is the word of Allah himself. It is a blessing and mercy to this ummah. The more respect we show to the Quran, the more blessing and guidance we will attain from it.

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Muhammed L Juwara


Gambia does not need a monarch


Dear editor,


A monarchy is a form of government in which sovereignty is embodied in a single individual – the monarch. The various forms of monarchy are: constitutional, hereditary and elective monarchy. The traditional hereditary monarchy is an ancient governance leadership practice established through conquest. Monarchy government started in its original state among the ancient tribes at the beginning of civilisation in ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq). The Kingdom of Babylon is one of the most famous ones in history. It started a long succession of territories ruled by a single sovereign with absolute power and control over the people, as in absolute monarchy. 

A monarchy definition implies that the king could make laws, decide when and where to go for war, and even decide on the life or death of somebody. His judgment is never questioned, since people believe that he is destined by God or the gods to be their ruler. And when the king dies, he is succeeded by his elder son, even in a case where his firstborn is a woman.  

The variety of titles of a monarchy which most Gambians may not wish to be part of our official leadership titles are: emperor or empress, archduke or grand duke, king, queen, his and her royal highness, and royal family. In contrast to the republican governance titles of His or Her Excellency, first family and first lady (I prefer the president’s family and the president’s wife). 

It is unfortunate that in this day and time when the nations of the world are increasingly embracing the desirable two five-year term limit adopted by a good number of countries in Africa, our National Assembly members are in contemplation to take moves to encourage Jammeh to become a king, which he likely does not wish to become.

I am not at all suggesting to any Gambian not to support the idea and vote yes to it, should there come a referendum to transform our republican presidency to a monarchy, but I in particular will either ABSTAIN or vote NO come such a referendum at any point of time now and in the distant future, simply because I wish the country to remain The Republic or Republic of The Gambia not the Kingdom of The Gambia or Kingdom of Gambia. 

Nothing will stop the United Democratic and the National Reconciliation parties who have the opportunity to be part of the government through a prime ministerial set–up as Abdoulie Saine, NAM for Banjul Central had suggested with a republican prime ministerial set–up. France for example, is currently and had since 1789 been a republic with a prime ministerial set–up of elective time bound successive serving prime ministers.


Ebou Sohna


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